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I think it's one thing to drop pay channels (yes) but another to drop basic cable channels (no).


Until live sports are available on Roku there is no chance of me dropping cable. The NFL ticket on Roku would be a great place to start.


I think about dropping cable every month.

Based on current offerings, I don't think I'll be dropping cable for at least a few years. But that doesn't mean I don't think about it often! That is the trouble with polls and statistics.

I'm starting to dabble with streaming. I watch a fair bit OTA, but I've come to expect the higher quality picture (AND AUDIO) that I can routinely get with cable that I can not yet regularly receive from streaming alternatives.


Where is the option on the Poll about not thinking of droping my DirecTV? I downgraded/droped all my pay channels on DTV when I started with netflix in 2000. I use the crap out of my Roku but it is not replacing most of my basic cable viewing


Sorry feel like an idiot, I just saw "wont cancel my cable" I just automatically to not put cable in the same league as DTV.


We dropped cable after our first month of Netflix. Just didn't feel a need for it anymore. We've been without it since last October and haven't missed it at all. Digital antenna gets us CBS, PBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and a few other local channels and we rarely even watch those.


Dumped that overpriced garbage a long time ago. F Comcast, Time Warner, and the like. Greedy, blood sucking vile companies. I don't miss cable or satellite one bit. I was paying them thousands every year to watch maybe 5% of the channels. I'm just shocked how many people bend over and continue to take it from these evil corporations with a big smile on their face.


I need television service for sports. Until I am able to somehow stream baseball, football, and hockey in HD, then the cable company will keep getting my money :(

Robert Emmerich

This - "I think about dropping cable every month."

I've been thinking about it lately, happens every year when my $99 rate expires. Eventually I call to work out a lower rate and they say "no can do" and then I call the "Cancellation" aka "retention" phone number to actually cancel and I get the $99 rate again. We'll see what happens in Sept. after my free 1 year box rental is up and the boys go back to school. If there's no NFL there's no point, and the Mets are giving me an ulcer.


I cut the cord 1.5 years ago because I wasn't watching most of the channels, when Comcast raised their price to $90 per month for HD service I cancelled. I live in an urban area and I'm able to get all the local stations OTA in HD, I'm able to watch most sports OTA. Since I cancelled cable I took a vacation and bought a new HDTV with the money I've saved. I use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon VOD so I don't miss much.

With the economy the way it is I expect more people cancelling their subscriptions.


I dropped a $75 monthly cable bill by the wayside and do not miss it. The five shows I routinely enjoy a year I can get for $20 - $30 for a season pass on Amazon streaming. That's $150 a year against $900 per year for cable and 500 channels I am forced to carry. Streaming a-la-carte is the way to go. The other 3 or 4 shows I like have dropped in quality, and can wait until they are released on DVD. I love having a monthly $50 internet bill against a $125 bill. Right now there is only one show I care to watch as the others are off-season. Why pay for 500 channels just to watch one show? I am not missing a single thing.


I am lucky in that I dont pay for cable.

I tried to...when I moved in many years ago. The cable company told me the house I bought didnt exist when I tried to have it turned on. I asked them to figure it out and call me back. Im still waiting.

As luck would have it, basic cable was already on in my house so I didnt bother having to call & ask them again.

All that being said, I watch TV, all TV less than 10 hours a month.

So I would have to think long & hard about if $25-35 per month would be worth it to me.

Netflix/Roku is clearly a better value but for me, its not about one or the other.

Those that have no intention of cutting the cord would probably value netflix less.

I still think Netflix is going to dramatically increase its price in the next few years knowing that they will get a good number of cancellations but figuring they will profit more from the higher price.


I downgraded my cable to the lowest tier (limited basic only) about 4 years ago. I missed the "expanded basic" channels for about 5 minutes.
OTA isn't a viable option for me at the moment, so I won't cancel completely, but between the channels I still get, streaming from various sites and DVDs rented from Netflix, I have plenty to watch.


My cable co requires minimum basic TV to get HS Internet, so I add the extended package for variety.

If they would split the two, I might consider dropping the TV. Except that I live in a somewhat rural area and the only get about 3 over-air channels without an extensive antenna system.

The small town where I live provides the electric. They are considering adding cable TV (and possibly Internet). If they are competitive, they might be better than the area cable company.

Patchouli Sky

I have often thought of cutting back on cable pay channels, but have not done so yet. There seems to be a great deal of uncertainty about availability of shows on streaming. The content is there, then there is an issue.

I've also had some difficulties finding stuff to watch. I have lots of streaming players, but so often it's just really old stuff available, and while that appeals to me on occasion, I don't want to watch "stale" programming all the time.

Honestly, I think Netflix needs to figure out what they want to be. I think they ticked off some of the studios when they spoke about original programming. If they would just stick to having enough DVD's and Blu-Rays, and getting better streaming choices, I think they would get less flak from the studios.


Id love to drop cable but im too attached to Cartoon network and comedy central. I think Hulu can do CC but dont know about CN. Also I love my tivo and just having that record shows when I want them but id save money getting rid of those as well. Id have to get at least basic as the OTA signal is horrible and I barely get any channels.


These statistics are a joke. Talk about Hookey numbers.

Allison Elzie

I moved and opted not to have basic cable (it was more than what I paid before) and since I was new to the area I got an introductory offer on cable.

I started paying for Hulu plus in addition to Netflix.

At one point I had the full digital package with HD and a dvr. Sometimes I miss it. But I liked having the money better.

I can watch most shows the day after they broadcast so I'm not stuck just watching last season's shows.

Edward R Murrow

Research has shown that you can get the results you want from a poll just by ordering of the questions. For extra credit, randomize the questions per view of the poll.


How about a poll for people who have cut back and/or cancelled Netflix? I would bet those numbers are far higher than people who did the same for cable/sat.


I just put Directv on a 6 month hold to see if I can live without it. So far it's working out because of the Disney Channel content for my kids. However, I will be adding Hulu Plus after summer when the season premiers begin. I'm also considering getting an antennae booster for about $70 to get local news and football. I don't see myself going back to Directv or cable. I'll be saving about $75 a month when I add Hulu (Which I will probably continue to cancel during summers unless they add more content.) The best part is that I watch TV on my terms and don't have to deal with recording conflicts, hard drive space, newscasts or power outages messing up the DVR. Another option I have considered is getting a laptop to hook to the TV permanently to watch shows not provided by Netflix of Hulu that are online such as Big Bang Theory. I'd rather pay for as much bandwidth as possible and use content providers.

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