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It's likely due to problems with the Netflix API. Maintaining a site or application that uses the API has been a nightmare for the past few months. The data, including IW availability dates, has been anything but reliable.

I'm not trying to badmouth Netflix or anything, just stating the facts.


I still see one title at least that shows up on my Roku but is supposed to be "disk only" according to the web site. But I could swear that I watched part of it a few days ago. Maybe the titles in question are ones that will become available for streaming in the future and they're getting them ready (or maybe this one title just went off streaming by coincidence).

Mr. Billings

My Roku has had the same issue for about a month. The best I can figure is that the Netflix Roku app is somehow able to see all the "placeholder" titles, because it doesn't show most DVD only titles like the Wii does.
Based on the titles I've seen, it seems more like an Instant Watch wishlist from Netflix based on deals they have in place or are actively working on. Won't be certain unless Netflix announces some kind of new deal with Warner Bros Television to air most of their animated series because a lot of that content shows up on my Roku search. Also showing up: all the Indiana Jones movies. Didn't hear anything about them being part of the Paramount deal though.

Mr. Billings

They fixed it. I think it was like Richard said, Netflix has been changing their API and that appeared to be the culprit.

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