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No. That would kill Netflix.

They should create a long term department that would focus on bug/security fixes for Windows 7 with no new improvements.

They should wind down all .Net work and move over to providing the best tools for open source development.

And they should begin work on a new OS with no backwards compatibility requirements.

Ryan Lawler

This suggests that Hastings would even want to get anywhere near that job. From all indications, it seems he's perfectly happy right where he is and has literally no plans to do anything else, other than his philanthropy work.


Hell no. I am sick to death of Microcrap using their never ending flow of money to buy every successful company. This is why this company was taken to court back in the 90's for monopolistic business practices(sadly most people have forgotten all about this or were too young to know about it). People really need to start boycotting Microsoft.


Why do these journalists and analysts always suggest the same boring ass mergers?


Because the mergers make them lots of money in the short term.

Smy Lee

Why the hell can't a company exist and make a profit without being purchased from an already existing monopolistic entity?

Is it too much to have companies that, you know, exist on their own? Netflix doesn't need anything from anyone. There is no logical reason to sell out to a conglomerate.


Follwing this logic Disney should buy Apple because Steve Jobs is a board member of Disney. MS won't buy Netflix because they wouldn't gain much, they would do better by buying Amazon because they need their servers and they could promote their products. It would make more financial sense for Comcast or Sony to buy Netflix, that way they can control content.

I hope nobody buys Netflix.


About the only part of it I agree with is that Hastings is a better CEO than Ballmer...
Netflix is a better co without any "help" from Microsoft.


As a Microsoft Shareholder I would support this 110%


Hell No..... I want to know why all these armchair CEO's (analysts), keep suggesting this kind of crap. What makes Netflix great is the fact they focus on one thing, and they do that one thing better than anyone else. They don't make me sign a contract, they don't make me use their hardware, and they offer a great product at a great price. What makes you people think Netflix could keep customer loyalty once they sell out to one of these giant companies that take their customers for granted ie..... Blockbuster?


Why would Hastings want anything to do with trying to manage the bloated, bureaucratic Microsoft? The man is an entrepreneur, not a turn-around artist. As long as he's having fun at Netflix, Hastings will stay in the thick of things, but as soon as Netflix gets too big and bulky, he'll bail to some new entrepreneurial venture that catches his fancy.

Edward R Murrow

It'll never happen. Arguably, Netflix management was in the right place at the right time for the DVD rental BIZ model. Would Reed Hastings put his reputation on the line by actually having to run a company with a different BIZ model against very strong competitors?


LOL yah right


I don't understand analysts and their incessant need to talk about one company buying another. It must be like porn to them or something.

Should GMC buy Acer?
Should AT&T but Snapple?
Should Brad Pitt buy Ashton Kutcher?

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