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Last I checked Netflix doesn't force you to watch everything they have. If it's not for you then don't watch it, you don't have to take it away from the people who ARE interested in watching it.

What really kills me about this kind of complaining is that complaining about does NOTHING but bring more attention to it. I'd love to know how many people knew this was on Netflix yesterday and how many will know tomorrow.


Yea when i saw these went up i was surprised BUT at my local video store they rent these out too. i wont be watching any of it. i just don't want to be the parent the kid watches it out of curiosity. i will ruin your childhood before you can turn it off. and you'll never forget any of it


** It will ruin your childhood before you can turn it off. and you'll never forget any of it



True, but that's what parental controls are for. The Death Scenes are Unrated, so if Parental Controls are set on anything below "everything" they won't show up.

I have beyond zero desire to see these, but I won't begrudge anyone the right to see them. After all, there are some people out there who think Netflix is going too far by offering LGBT content for Instant Watch. Others think that Harry Potter promote witchcraft and should not be shown to kids. Still more decry the availability of political documentaries on one side of the political spectrum or the other. So where is the line that Netflix draws as to what customers may consider offensive? Adult films is where they have drawn it, and that's what seems to make the most sense.


only if it shows the killing of the greedy oil companies.


It's easy for people to say mind your own business, but I'm not complaining about the movie Saw and I'm not complaining about some kind of racy adult scene in a movie, because both of these types of films are created by consenting adults who haven't been harmed while making entertainment. What I'm objecting to is the murder of other people, specifically so that it could be filmed and exploited for a profit. If it's not OK for someone to sell a video of a sexual assault on a child, why is it OK to sell a video showing a child being tortured and murdered?

In most cases, I'd agree that the best thing to do is just tune out objectionable content, but what about the victims in the film? I may not have been "forced to watch" the film, but they certainly didn't willingly give up their lives, so that their deaths could be exploited by Netflix. They were "forced to watch" while their guts were being spilled out for the world to see. Should we really stand back and ignore this because other people want to watch something this sick?

If the movie was just special effects, I'd have no problem with it at all, but when my membership dues goes towards supporting people who kill for sport, I think it is appropriate to complain. If this film featured images of animals instead of people, Netflix would actually be facing jail time over this. At the end of the day, the victims in this film didn't get the opportunity to "tune out" and instead of forgetting this and letting Netflix treat these films as part of the horror genre, people should be speaking out for the victims in the film.


It should be noted that the "death scenes" in FACES OF DEATH were fake.

ZarathustrA Tek

"Should Netflix Rent the Death Scenes Movies that Depict Real Deaths?"


"What I'm objecting to is the murder of other people, specifically so that it could be filmed and exploited for a profit."

That's never happened before unless you believe the already proven false information given as truths in the Snuff documentary (not the 70s movie). So object to it all you want, it just seems a little silly to object to something that does not exist.

I'm more bothered that Netflix doesn't carry films like The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Behind the Green Door, and Deep Throat than the fact that they carry some titles I may not be interested in, heaven forbid!

Scott, have you seen the 30th Anniversary release of Faces of Death? It comes with a pretty fascinating commentary track. As terrible of a movie as it is I still found it worth the trip to a rental store an hour away to pick it up and watch it with the commentary.


Seems like "adult" entertainment would be preferable to death/violence. Go figure.


Not in this country, sadly.

Kiley Pagliaro

pretty damn pissed that people who are interested in watching these documentary's cant now because of someone who isnt even interested in them and just trying to stir up dust. it's ridiculous that adults who pay for the service cant watch whatever they choose to because one person has to complain about people who arent even living anymore. once youre dead youre dead who cares who sees you or how you died.

Daniel Trogdon

Like ZarathustrA Tek said, those movies are nowhere near being snuff films. These are basically found footage compilations. If you object to Netflix having these movies, then you probably should object to the Internet as a whole.

I'm more annoyed that Netflix doesn't keep up with Blu-ray versions of catalog titles than I am this.

Kiley Pagliaro

and just so we get this straight i am not a monster who doesnt care about how some child died, i am making a point obviously to make a documentary you need to get clearance from family to show theyre loved one and if the family didnt see any harm then why should anybody else, if you are not interested in a movie like this then dont watch it, its very easy to tune into something else, so you dont ruin it for others.


If I were Netflix I would be trying to get some pornography.


I second the pornography request. Being able to stream porn in HD in addition to all the other regular movies and TV shows for only 8 bucks a month would be awesome!


I watched one of these and all it was were bits of war footage during ww2 and korea and pictures and short films of crime and vehicle accidents being investigated. There isn't much footage of people being killed it's more the aftermath of these events. This seemed kind of tame compared to what can be found easily on the internet. I feel exposure to this kind of footage can be a good thing as it teaches life isn't all unicorns and rainbows and help prevent war and violent crimes due to showing you the reality of what goes on. It's similar to drivers ed videos showing the aftermath of accidents to get them to think about their behavior and outcomes.


BTW, when I looked up Death Scenes on there, it said it wasn't available for streaming. Not sure what the deal is.

Kiley Pagliaro

It was as of yesterday morning and was pulled yesterday afternoon when this little expose came to their attention

Edward R Murrow

If one were to read "People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil", you would have an understanding of the Netflix inner sanctum. Is anyone really surprised that Reed Hastings offers snuff films as part of the Netflix subscription? Really?


Update: as of right now, the title is no longer available on netflix in any form, and they seem to have erased it from the searches:



I saw these "movies" on instant watcher and looked into reviews of them. Most people found them really disturbing since some do have audio, others are grainy etc. But I heard that at the end of one they show some guy who was just convicted of a scandal. He goes to a press conference he he sticks and gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

Intrigued by suicide and never actually seeing what one looks like made me curious. So I skipped directly to that part and what I saw would be considered shocking by most. However, I know we live in a world where horrible things happen. People can play as their own censors, or ask netflix to do it for them.

However subjecting everyone to the same censorship because most don't like the content is absurd. Quit treating the adult population like it's 5.

Also, "The Bridge" shows suicide's off the golden gate. Is Netflix now going to remove that from renting? Anyways Im glad I watched that one part of the "movie".


I'm more upset that they offer 'knock-off' films (Battle OF Los Angeles for example), and all the Byron Allen stuff that they just picked up.

Edward R Murrow

I pride myself on being Libertarian, but there are certain things in a civilized society that trump free speech. Violence against women is something that trumps free speech.

If you enjoy this sort of thing, get a one way ticket to the Middle East. You can see women being stoned to death to your hearts content.


People are talking about this like it's a free speech/censorship issue. It's not. NetFlix is not preventing anyone from seeing them, it's just choosing not to be the one to provide them. I see it as nothing more than an expression of their corporate values.


@Rocketboy X, I'm curious -- what's your issue with mockbusters such as Battle of Los Angeles? I mean, other than the obvious "they're incredibly crappy movies" angle?


The main thing to keep in mind here is netflix has a corporate image and corporate values to maintain. This is one of those items that crosses the line for both. Corporate image: just because, let's assume, say 10% of customers may want to view it doesn't mean stockholders would approve of it being offered. Corporate values: Showing actual deaths crosses the line of morality. By offering to distribute it they in essence are condoning and/or promoting people to committing crimes in order to make money.

This is one of those things that society has drawn a line of what is morally wrong and netflix is in the right to choose to be a part of society and not cross that line. It is just as bad if they offered a medical documentary on children that filmed the children in situations where they are naked. Not technically pornography but it would cross the like society set for what is morally wrong.


@Royrapoport.. On the plus side, it's not like we are paying extra to see the knock-off, but many people do. They intentionally try to make you think that it's the actual movie that you wanted to see so they can make some fast cash. It's practically fraud.

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