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Meh, not that the movies that have been lost are bad. It's just the Starz Play insignia is the Scarlet Letter as far as I'm concerned. Hehe... I'd rather watch the Demi Moore movie version of the story rather than suffer the picture quality of a Starz Play title.

Louis S

Not that big of a deal. I simply moved those films back to the top of the DVD queue. I'm on the 2 at a time Blu-Ray plan this month, so i'll get the movies on Blu-Ray.

Nic Peterson 9

And this is why I shall never stop collecting my favorite films on Blu-ray. Backroom deals and companies having pissing contests shall snatch away your weekends entertainment


I was in the middle of 2012 as well. I'll just pirate it instead.


"look for great movies like...Skyline"

skyline was edited out on this site



That $10 doesn't seem so cheap now does it.


@shthar - I don't understand. Are you trying to claim that since Netflix lost a few popular, but low quality, Starz Play titles, that makes Netflix no longer a huge, massive, high value service? It's amazing how well this site attracts trolls. It's too bad. I just don't understand the appeal that people find in coming onto a small Netflix info site just to troll. There's much bigger more effective places to do it. Why try to ruin this place?


That's the problem with Netflix. It has a lot of movies expiring, a lot of deals lost with big companies that result in hundreds of streaming content getting down. Oh, and we can't forget the licensing disputes!


@trentmorris probably because they don't think skyline's a great movie!


Content is going to keep getting older while Netflix soon is going to be forced to raise the rates and decrease the quality of the service.


I like how everyone acts like it's only a few titles. It's over 5,500 titles that aren't re-run tv shows like andy griffen.


5500 huh? That's interesting, since the link above goes to a story about the Sony-Starz deal that says it's for 500 titles. Where did you get your number?

Oh, and could you post a link to "andy griffen"?

Edward R Murrow

Yeah, if you ever disagree with any opinion of Jonathan's then you're a troll. We don't like more than one opinion because it gives us all a headache if we actually think for ourselves.

Eric Franklin

Crap, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is one of the titles they removed, I was excited about watching it sometime this week.


@kh99 Your story is incorrect. The removal of Sony content is a significant blow to Netflix, as the company accounts for 12% of the industry and is one of the single largest source of major films.

It's 5,500


Again, you didn't say where you got that number so I'll assume you made it up and the linked story is correct. The idea that it's a "significant blow" is your opinion, and isn't surprising since every comment you make is a desperate attempt to make every story seem like it's a huge problem for Netflix. You've pretty much lost all credibility, in my opinion.

Mr. Billings

This is what bad reporting gets you. People jumping to "end of the world" conclusions and petty fights.
@Johnson1965Tony Netflix still has Sony movies on Instant Watch! Just not the films that were part of Starz Play. Drunken Master, Anger Management, Ghostbusters II, the original Godzilla (Gojira). Wait, what's this...Anger Management is part of Starz Play and its still on Netflix!!!


What bad reporting is.... Reed Hastings knew of this clause and chose not to inform investors or customers that's bad reporting!!! Netflix streaming service continues to decrease in quality, and the entire enron esque business practices are all rising to the surface.

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