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I am so fed up with this streaming crap. Get a life people!

Andrew Bowers

My PS3 has always been vastly inferior to my XBox360 using the same WiFi. Even plugging an ethernet cable directly into the PS3 doesn't help. It's fuzzy, low quality and unwatchable. But the 360 always gives a great picture, full HD.


Where did the OP mention he has a PS3? He is talking about a Sony blu-ray player (s570). I have a PS3 and 360. To me, the PS3's interface and quality are superior to the 360. HD streams start immediately with no buffering, then "ramp up" to HD quality in a short amount of time. The 360, on the other had, must buffer first. Also, the PS3 has subtitles and 5.1.


This may not be it, but I found a manage video quality button appear in your account and help to change the streaming quality. Did you check that?


I'm wondering if the NetFlix video quality has ever been better than it is now on the Sony BD player. Perhaps Sony never bothered to optimize the decoder for NetFlix streams on that/those devices.

I'd try to see how much bandwidth each device is using. If each device uses all of the available bandwidth when it's playing and one looks much worse than the other, it's pretty likely the decoder implementation that's at fault.


JV3030 "I am so fed up with this streaming crap. Get a life people!" -- why are you here buddy? This is a blog dedicated to streaming and Netflix topics. If you are not interested, please leave.

Next, OP is complaining about Sony BluRay player, not PS3. Please correct.

Next, PS3 has the best netflix stream experience. 1080p HD + 5.1. XBOX doesnt have either.


As Some mentioned the OP is having a problem with his S570 not a PS3, I have the S570 and have not had any problems with PQ.

I think it's an isolated problem with his S570.

Andrew Bowers

"Is anyone else noticing streaming problems on one or more Netflix-ready devices?"

I didn't see the part where I was forbidden to talk about the crappy performance of my PS3. Sorry.


I have the S570, and it is a problem with other Sony devices as well but if you search the internet, it is quite prevalent with this particular model. When I first got the thing, watching anything HD was almost impossible because of the constant buffering. Then again, sometimes you could watch one episode of a show with no problem, but the very next one would be crap. I've never had the problem using my Roku.

I ended up upgrading to a better wireless router, and that helped quite a bit. But still, when my girlfriend was watching Brothers and Sisters, every once in a while the problem would pop up on an episode, but then no problem with the next episode for no logical reason.


Well... I've noticed that the streaming quality on my PC is definitely of a lower quality than it used to be. And my internet connection is the same as it always was. And... Hulu's streaming does not look worse than it was.

My conclusion about this stuff is that:

- Netflix is experimenting with different streaming algorithms.

- Netflix doesn't tell us shit (what else is new?)


Different devices use different streams, some deployed from different server farms.

Tonight when trying to resume Mission: Impossible, Season 6, Episode 12, my Roku box would report "Content unavailable". However, my LG BD390 is streaming it just fine, though at a higher bandwidth than I would have desired.


Try going to the netflix website, account & help, then go to manage video quality and set it to the best option and see if that makes it better.


I've been reading about this issue on avsforum.com and I agree with the above poster. Many people there were able to fix this problem with Sony equipment by adjusting the video quality setting.


As part of trying to track down the problem I am having with my Roku, I did set the video quality to "Best quality". Roku still says "content unavailable" whenever I click on a multi-episode title.


i have a sony blu ray player, the HD on netflix never works, i had to get my Roku out of the other room, hook it up and the HD was perfect.


@Mark12547 I don't want to be the girl that points out the obvious that you have probably already done, but have you power cycled your roku? It seems to always fix any issues I have with mine.

Also as for sony non ps3 devices I would never purchase one for myself for streaming with netflix. For one the interface is terrible although it did just recently get the suggestions and search, but they seem to re-buffer more than any other devices. (My boyfriend and I test this stuff) The sony blu-ray player we tested would re-buffer on a hardwired Comcast 20mbps connection, where the Samsung/LG/Vizio models we tested played HD without re-buffering at all on a wireless connection. Just seems to be a trend. Sony makes great products, but not really for Netflix streaming.


for Jv3030
i did get a life i dumped satellite and went to streaming .sooo much better and no commercials ...ahhhhhh yes yes

Robert Patrick

I have a BD370? (base sony BD player) and noticed the same thing. Started last week streaming on my Tivo works great but on the Sony BD player quality is very poor, strange.

Barry Padgett

We have a HTPC, a Wii and three iPhones in the house. We have constant issues with the quality on the HTPC, and it's the only device hardwired to our router. Everything else is wifi.


I have a samsung blu-ray player and for that device, I constantly have issues with the streaming and the optical audio. These issues only apply to Netflix as Vudu, Pandora, and bluray play fine. Other devices in the home, Wii and iphone stream fine. Anyone else encounter this?

Doug Pratt

My Sony BDP-460 is horrible for streaming video. It re-buffers Netflix and can't reliably manage HD on Amazon Instant Video. I gave up and use a Roku now.


Question - I went to the "Manage Video Quality" setting and there was no default, i.e. nothing was checked. So if I'm not having any quality problems streaming, then I should just leave the boxes unchecked? I'd ask Netflix Customer Service, however, they'd probably be clueless.


I too am experiencing difficulties streaming movies w/ Netflix using my laptop. I thought I was the only one. I have np problems connecting to the web site, movie starts streaming then cuts off after one minute or so. When I go back to browsing movie re-loads promptly however it brings me to the wrong episode. Yes it is very frustrating.
I am so surprised we are having these issues with Netflix as up until now they're service has been phemonenal!
Hurry up Netflix. we are ALL waiting to use your service again!
Sure hope it does not take too long.


Leave it unchecked unless you want to limit your bandwidth. Most likely streaming defaults to max video quality if you haven't set a preference, but who know - maybe Instant Watch has some HD streams at more than 2.3 GB/hr.

In other words if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

FWIW: on my Roku, 0.3 GB/hr corresponds to two dots and 0.7 GB/hr corresponds to 3 dots. I haven't yet measured exactly what bandwidths they correspond to (1 mpbs, 1.2, 1.5, etc) but I'm glad I don't have to use my secret Roku setting screen anymore.


This is on Netflix's end. Different servers and streams seem to vary. I know on the Roku forum someone in California may get a bad stream while someone in New York gets a good one. Usually after a few weeks the bad streams are replaced. It's rare, but it does happen. In this case the Xbox is probably getting the newer "live" version (like the Wii and PS3) and the BR player is probably getting the legacy version (that the Roku also uses).

Ironically the PS3 and Xbox should be equal getting the same stream.

Doesn't the Xbox get the same "live" version of the stream that can improve on the fly? I know it used to use the older version due to a software issue making the screen blip between quality levels but I thought they fixed it.

Account Deleted

I had the same issue with my Sony television for about a week, but it seemed to fix itself a few days ago.

HD streams worked just fine on my PCs while this was going on.

Maybe it was specifically a Sony issue?


I have discussed this Sony issue on and off here for several months now. We have two Sony's (The S570 and a BDP-???). Both have streaming issues. It's weird because they will seem to work great for a period of time and then they start buffering. Or one program will stream fine while another buffers. I have tried them hardwired and in the case of the 570 wireless. I have double checked the Comcast bitrate which is always good. Finally I just came to the conclusion that Sony's NF software stinks. I now have an LG LCDTV that streams NF great. It too has buffered, but very infrequently and for short periods of time when it does. The Sonys' are also buggy when playing BR discs too so I think they just need to head back to the drawing board.

Kimberly Warden

I thought it was my internet running slow but it appears to be a system-wide problem. I access through my Blu-ray via ANynet to my Samsung. Am so disappointed with the constant rebuffering, if I am even able to sign on at all. Stinks!

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