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Wendy DeCora

I would be very much interested in this! With films approaching $10 each where I live, if I see 5 films a month it's worth it, and I'd probably go more than once a week if I knew it was a bargain.


Definitely interested. A few chains have researched and tinkered with this idea for years. I hope Movie Pass makes it happen-as a movie buff I'd love this if done correctly. I signed up at their site for more info once available.


Is this not $50 per person per month? I wouldn't do that. You have to see 5 movies to break even in my area and I couldn't find that many that I actually want to go to. At $100 for a pair of passes that would be a big no from me.


I like this idea. For me it would be worth $50 per month if I could afford to go to the movies at least once a week with several weeks seeing more than one in the course of the year. Problem is without a pay raise I don't have money I can budget for it. I stopped seeing movies in the theater with rare exceptions because it costs too much. With money available for this service I would definitely take advantage of it and go see movies every week since for the past year I figured there is a movie every week I would like to see. I was going weekly to see a movie until I had less money coming in requiring cuts in the budget.


I used to buy movie coupons but there were always limitations that made them virtually useless. Movie theaters will find a way (many ways) to make this a rip off. I'd expect they'll quickly make it so you can't use this in the first two or three weeks of most popular releases.


Egads, who has the time, or when have there been 4-5 movies out and available to watch every month?

William Costello

I do not understand why people pay to go one movie. I see the box office as a one time fee charge. Then I go and see 1-3 movies at a time. When the movie is over I look at times for another and I go into any theater and wait until my next movie starts. I do I do not care what movie I see first it does not matter, but I do pick the one one I would want to give money to. That way I see like 12 movies a month for like 24 dollars. I find to be unsatisfied with one movie and so I would ask for for a refund but I do not since I see more then one. Just do not get caught, do not be an idiot and do it with out thinking.

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