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I've recently begun updating all my registrations to use unique (and strong) passwords.

Of course the only way that's practical is to use a password manager. That's easy on a PC, but does Android have a password manager (or is there an app for that)?

[Tester recommends OI Safe: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.openintents.safe&feature=search_result].



LastPass has an android app. I believe it's a dollar a month though cause you need the Premium Version to connect.


Android has a fantastic auth system. The problem is that it's somewhat complex and difficult to find documentation. Google should probably take this as a sign that they need to provide some new fantastic tutorials on how to do it.

Andrew Beck

KeePass has an android app. I use KeePass on the desktop and on android, and then keep my password file on dropbox. That way I can always be sync'd.


This might actually bother me if a Netflix app existed for my Galaxy S Android phone. :)

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