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Amazon really needs to work on their UI and add queues before I even consider switching, but its starting to sound promising.

Edward R Murrow

The high barrier to entry in the DVD rental biz model disappears for the streaming biz model. Content availability and uptime are king for streaming.


STILL doesn't work with Tivo... or Boxee... Seems very limited on their device support.


How about they come up with something original instead of just copying Netflix. Blockbuster and Walmart already tried this and failed pretty miserable at it...

Edward R Murrow

We may find that as a competitor, Amazon is at a different level than Blockbuster and Walmart.


Im less inclined to even try Amazon given their annual plan.

Not willing to spring for a year on something of questionable value compared to netflix.

Also, my plan, in a few months, is to alternate every other month between 4 at a time & no streaming to 2 at a time with streaming.

They lured me in and once I bought a roku, they figure they have me and jacked the rate up.

I support Amazon though. The more competition, the better for everyone.

Matthew Sweeney00

I've had Amazon Prime streaming since February and the selection is laughable compared to Netflix. Right now it has 2025 movies and 513 TV shows--and I'm fairly sure they count each season as separate show. In my opinion, Amazon free Prime streaming is a nice little extra if you use Prime shipping often enough, but not really any competitor to Netflix.

Having said that, the last few months Amazon has been losing free Prime streaming shows every week. It's only recently they've started adding shows--maybe they're going to seriously start competing.


I just don't see Amazon really pursuing this. If they buy Hulu perhaps but otherwise they are losing money on something that just creates bad comparisons. It's like the old saying of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Amazon is spending a fortune to get content that Netflix already has. It may hurt Netflix a little, but it costs Amazon a lot and gains them almost nothing.

I would expect Amazon to abandon the free videos. The only sticking point is to do it in a way that doesn't piss the customers off. Once you start giving something away for free it's hard to stop. I can see many Prime members demanding a refund. They've gotten themselves into a PR nightmare.


I am amazed that Amazon is even considered competion! Where are the numbers!! Where is the scrutiny? How many new subscribers have they gained since starting the service? Whats the churn? We wont see how many cancellations for awhile because as RJM pointed out, you have to pay for a years service up front! And just how much are they losing on all those prime customers that make sure they get 79 dollars worth of shipping!!

What i see here is bait and switch. Sure there are a few titles that might be worth streaming, however how many titles do you see that are easily available to download, or rent? How many other items are you bombarded with to purchase while navigating the site?

Netflix is what it is..... and you get what you pay for. The streaming service is cheap, and so are most of its subscribers. But if you are a true movie fan, and willing to try something new.... like a movie you never heard of you will find that Netflix is worth far more than the peanuts you pay to subscribe. If you are like sheep, or cattle and only want to watch NEW stuff that is crammed down our throat through advertising, another 7.99 (less than the price of one ticket) will get you a months worth of DVD rentals.

Last but not least..... How many of you knuckleheads out there are paying for the premium channel packages from Comcast, Turner etc..... How much is that costing you? How many movies do you actually watch??

Thats my two cents..... Its a sunny day, I am going to the beach!


Well said Lonny. I'm sure everyone who reads this site regularly knows there are certain commenters who are consistently anti-Netflix, and it's kind of interesting to see how, whenever Netflix signs a deal it's crap, they paid too much, etc, but then there's a story about an Amazon deal and suddenly they're putting Netflix out of business.


I really don't see anyone bashing Netflix in this thread. I think it's pretty much universal that Amazon isn't a real threat to anyone as they are now.


Well, I have to say as someone who is dumping Netflix this week because of the price increase, this cheers me up a little. Now if Amazon would just get subtitles or captions...

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