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Kurt Roithinger

keep in mind that the streaming stuff is mostly a 'throw in' for most amazon prime customers. the free/expedited shipping and no minimum order amount is the real hook for most people.

also, since you can split your prime membership across 3 amazon accounts (as long as they all reside at the same address), it makes the whole thing a fantastic deal, regardless of the streaming. if, however, amazon somehow catches up to netflix in terms of depth and breadth of content, it'd would quickly morph into the best bargain one could possibly get.

with netflix getting stuff like mad men, it's gonna take something really substantial for amazon to catch up, though. imo, their best bet would be to try and get streaming rights for wb/hbo programming (unlikely) or viacom/showtime (this seems a tad more plausible.)

Isaac Hummel

They really can't make Prime monthly. If they did that, people would only buy it when they wanted to buy two or three things with Two Day Shipping and then cancel it at the end of the month. They lose money on the deal in terms of pure shipping costs as it is. A one-year commitment shows that you're the type of customer who will buy enough stuff from Amazon to make it worth their while (meaning they'll make the money they lose of practically giving away premium shipping on the volume of your purchases).

Now if they split the video service off from Prime and charged seven or eight bucks a month for THAT, then it would work. Maybe they could still include it as a freebie for Prime users too, or at least offer it at a discount to Prime users.


9,000 titles is starting to get into the same ballpark, the price is cheaper ($80/year versus $96), and you get the value add of free shipping on Amazon purchases. It just gets more and more tempting, and I can't justify the cost of paying for both streaming services.

I wonder if NetFlix considered, when they decided to unbundle their streaming and DVD services, how easy it makes it for people to jump ship on streaming. If Amazon can add a few thousand more titles and steal away half of NetFlix's streaming customers, they'll be in a world of hurt. No way NetFlix can cover their licensing deals if their streaming revenue drops by half.


Amazon wouldn't make Prime membership a monthly fee, but they can and will make their streaming plan a Prime benefit that you can pay for without joining Prime.

Amazon's streaming apps for Roku and my Blu-Ray players don't rise to the quality of Netflix. They are both difficult to use and neither offers a queue. I'd never consider Amazon over Netflix until that's fixed.

Aside from that, I can't stream to my Android phone or iPad yet. Amazon has more ground to cover than just the number and quality of shows that they offer if they truly want to catch Netflix.


Does anyone know if there's a site that has a list of the Amazon Prime titles that are not on Netflix Instant?


I'd love to see any site that just lists all the Amazon Prime titles. On the Amazon site, it can show so few on a page, it's hard to find what's there. I'm currently watching "Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles" on Amazon Prime. I started it on NetFlix but it expired soon after I started.

Edward R Murrow

Amazon and Apple - please do a monthly streaming plan at a breakeven price point. Use your deep pockets and fund this initiative as a loss leader.

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