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Bruce Mann

My instant queue had over 50 movies in it. When I went in over the weekend, I found 7 movies in my queue, and the remaining movies were moved to the "saved instant" area of the queue. It looks like the Netflix streaming contract expired on the majority of the movies in my queue.

Assuming that the movies do not come back to instant, I am now faced with the task of recreating all the instant movies in my DVD queue. I really hate the way Netflix manages the two queues indepently. I think there should be a single queue for all titles, and then within that queue, you should be able to select DVD, instant or both as the delivery method

Scott Howell

Checked my queue and it looks like the Miramax titles are gone already too. Man, that sure was short lived. What, they could only make a deal to have them for like a month?


Walt D in LV

I am not having any Queue problems now, but back in 2006, my DVD Queue actually just vanished one Summer day. Over 400 titles, and Poof! they were gone. Netflix support said that there was nothing they could do. Fortunately, I had printed out a list, just a couple months before, so all was not lost.

@Scott.. I, personally, do not stream movies (maybe four ever, in the nearly ten years I've been using Netflix. I prefer to have the separate queues, and understand why Netflix keeps them separate, because there are some movies not available on DVD/Blu-ray, yet are available on streaming. (Ishtar comes to mind: No DVD, but it has been available on streaming). Conversely, if a movie is available for streaming, it will show the blue PLAY button next to the title in the queue.


I have about 175 movies in my que and since they put out all those marvel cartoons I haven't been watching movies so I dont notice what goes missing but i do have a large amount in the saved movies.

The problem of the list reorganizing is known at netflix. just spoke to a guy there and he said it was happening to him as well. So I guess they are working on it.


I have been having similar problems. Large chunks of my instant queue get thrown down into the saved section. Then they magically get put back up in the queue, but their order is all screwed up. I have called NFLX about this twice and they sound surprised each time.

This is a pain for someone like me who likes to keep the queue in a certain order such as genre or stuff my kids can watch.all in one spot.


Its all gone! It vanished in front of my eyes. I had only 35 or so in my queue and I added a new movie and it told me I should add at least 6 more, and they were all gone.


Yeah, my entire queue of a couple hundred DVDs is gone. This is the first place I checked to see if something was up. Hope they come back! I was gonna bump something up to the top.

Sarah Hahn Winchester

Yep. My queue is just gone. Nothing. It was up yesterday!

Sarah Hahn Winchester

And I cannot add any new titles!


Holly crap, I did not notice my 300+ title Instant queue is also gone, now I am pissed!

Kristen Lopez

Yep both my instant and regular DVD queue are empty, hopefully they can restore everything or else I'll be pissed. Also couldn't add any instant movies to queue or watch anything


My DVD queue shows "0" movies in it at the top and states that I need to add movies so they can be shipped.

However I also still have 435 movies in the queue (they are still there, I can see them still). I also already have my quota of movies already at home.

My instant queue is completely blank. It only shows my recent watches.


Wow, the situation changed in the last few minutes and now my DVD queue shows no movies at all.

john doe

Same problem here. Over 500 movies in the DVD queue, plus another 200 in the Instant queue and now all gone.

Jeanne Hatch

Ditto. Both my queues are empty.


Same problem, my queues (both DVD and instant) just disappeared as well they were up and working less than 30 minutes ago.


queues are empty on the site but my Roku still has my queue up and running for the moment.

Kristen Lopez

My queues just came back up but when I went to click somewhere else on the site it disappeared...nice to know it's saved somewhere


Bam, everything is suddenly back to normal. Both instant and DVD queues are fully restored.

Whew, I hope that sticks. I don't want to have to recreate that queue.

Jennifer Sutton

mine is gone as well. It better show back up. we so did not go through all the trouble to pick out movies for nothing. I do not remember what all was on there and really with the problems I have with instant this is about the last straw for me.


Now my queues are all empty again. Clearly they are having major issues.

However, on the bright side I've used Netflix for a decade and this is the first major issue I've ever had.

Lizzy Borden

I'm having exactly the same problem. My queues are empty, then they're not for a couple seconds, then they are again.


My DVD and instant queues are empty via my pc and all exchanges with Netflix are extremely slow. (yes, I did check, and I'm getting 11.48 mps download speed per Speedcheck)


My Queue of DVD's seems to have gone missing too.

Roy Mckee

Has not happened to my instant but my regular dvd queue has disappeared a few times this week. Every time so far (knock on wood) it has come back after a couple hours.


Mine were all deleted from both queues and then magically reappeared. Then they all got deleted again and put back. As of right now both my queues are back. This is very frustrating. This isn't even the first time something like this has happened to me. About a month ago about 400 of my over 470 instant watch movies were deleted before being put back a few minutes later.

Kristen Lopez

My queues are back up and Netflix is running at normal pace....dare I say it's fixed?

Ross Lee

YES -- Ever since the switch to the new format, the website has said that my instant queue is empty. But since I watch on Apple TV, it does show up there. But the order is constantly changing without my input.

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Christoph McGuire

my problem is every time i try to start watching i get the .."We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try back later or pick a different title"...

but no matter what i pick same thing... odd


Everything seems to be restored for me and this time it has stayed that way for several hours.

George Machen

I'll tell you what happened, even without a smidgen of first-hand knowledge: Netflix violated the first rule of systems — they went out of their way to find something that wasn't broke, and promptly proceeded to fix it.

Bob Shank

Most of the issues posted by the above users are caused by 1)server overloads, 2)bandwidth constriction. Both of which NFLX is experiencing because of their phenomenal public/world growth. Like most over-expanded I-Net companies (and, especially, Netflix - which is the next Microsoft) their current 'requests' from users often vastly outnumber their physical or electronic abilities to reply to them. Take a hint, take a ticket, stand in line, invest $100,000 (or, $10). I did, and my broker and financial analyst absolutely LOVE me! They think I'm a genius! ...in fact, I love myself looking at todays ticker-tapes (they have no idea how stupid I am on Wall Street). You just have to be a little 'wise-guy.' Hey, an average American can do it. Take if from me: don't sell your brains 'short.'


A word of wisdom when something abnormal occurs with either or both queues, don't touch them (add or remove or move items) until the glitch is resolved. Doing so overwrites whatever the queue wasv before. So in this case the glitch was our end not loading what was stored on their end for our queue(s). I left mine alone until the issue was resolved and everything was as it was before. I'm beginning to think they need to overhaul the queue system with a new from the ground up that has a much higher or no limit in size. Probably would be more cost effective than continual long term glitch research and repair.

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