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My AT&T U-verse has been terrible the last week or so. It'll flake out for a few seconds and jump around in speed. Painfully unstable. Still get Netflix to work though...for now.

Jeremy Ferguson

I'm having the same experience. Speed is bouncing to extremes, went from almost 6mgs to less than 1, back up to around 2 in the matter of about 15 mins. Netflix buffering every few minutes.


I am having problems too. I have Verizon FIOS and use a Roku. About once or twice an hour it stops playing and goes to the menu.

Anthony Hayes

That has happened to me in the past, but lately I have been getting very good speeds. I had a Wire In The Blood & MI5 marathon last night, and didn't hit one wrinkle... luckily. Hope everybody is getting better speeds today. If all the folks who are threatening to quit NFLX, actually do.... then maybe the pipe will clear out some for the the people who are left! :)


Thanks Mike for posting this. I also saw on CNET.com news that there was an article about AT&T throttling the heavy mobile users in October -- "Is AT&T considering throttling heavy data users?". It seems to been posted the same day I started having the buffering problems on Netflix and Hulu. Frustrating we all having problems even a Verizon subscriber. Hope it is straighten out soon -- very annoying!


A number of new releases in the last ten days are not streaming. They cut off almost immediately. They include such titles as Every Day, The Last Airbender and WWE: WCW Nitro. I suspect there are other new releases with the same problem. I contacted Netflix last week but the problem continues. I suspect these titles were not properly coded. You would think their quality control people would catch this problem before releasing them.


PC World also has an article on AT&T confirming throttling of Mobile device on heavy users starting October 1st --
"AT&T to Throttle Big Users of Unlimited Data"!


I've been having constant buffering issues recently on my Comcast connection. I'm starting to think Comcast is doing it on purpose.


If it's not AT&T, it's something else. Netflix repeatedly has bad performance for me during the prime time hours. Stuttering and buffering. I'm on Verizon FiOS and I can switch over to iTunes and stream HD perfectly. I blame Netflix's pipeline to my Apple TV. I'd understand, but if it keeps it up after my monthly bill goes up next month, I'm going to be irritated...


Unfortunately DSL isn't as stable as out was in it's prime. Aging infrastructure is one of the biggest problems. Second to that is interference if your area has been upgraded to fiber optics. Third is housing wiring. It must be clean and free of problems that can interfere with the signal traveling on the wiring. Any one or combination of these will mess with bandwidth big time.


I've been having this problem for almost a month now,I think it really is ATT and their throttling of DSL speeds when you get to or past their new cap they instituted back in March(I think).
When I first started my NF streaming plan,I could get HD streams with little to no buffering,NOW I've had to go into my NF settings and turn down the quality setting to be able to get through a movie without the buffering every few mins. I can't even stream anything on hulu because of the buffering every 30secs,then commercials which usually play flawlessly....now that streaming services have been on the rise,a 125GB cap isn't going to cut it when you're trying to stream HD content.


Is anyone else gettng the "green band" error? It's been reported a little on the Roku forum. A program you know you've seen before or that others have seen suddenly becomes corrupted. Once that happens no one can watch it until Netflix fixes the encode. This is a very new phenomenon as far as I know but it's happened on a couple of shows in the past few months.


Yes, got green band error last night. Wanted to stream "The Resident", and started it in the bedroom on PS3. Then wanted to watch it on Roku in livingroom, and it just repeatedly buffered, and then gave me the green band, with some weird symbols or numbers on it. We're with Cablevision, and have had streaming issues for several weeks now. All times during the day, just loading, can't connect, try later, etc etc. Seems to be getting worse...


Streaming (on Roku via Time-Warner Cable) was kaput today at 4:30 PM Eastern. It kept trying to buffer at the beginning of the program (The Caretakers) and never did start. We gave up after half a dozen rebufferings.


Loading Please Wait..........

This is the story of my life. I have a Roku and figured it was just Roku. I have Insight Cable Broadband which I didn't think was the culprit but maybe it is? It's getting to be a "real" problem. Well, Misery Loves Company.


More streaming issues yesterday on Cablevision via PS3. Loading, Loading, Loading....UGH!.I liked the streaming feature, but may dump it, though we've been Netflix members for 10 years.


Marshall: Green band error, yes, Roku XDS. Have reported it there...naturally, they say it's a Netflix problem. At least, I now know I'm not the only one. Hopefully they'll (Roku, Netflix, whoever) get it worked out in the near future.


I think most of these are Netflix issues, not ISP issues. Let's not forget that Netflix made a new hire a few weeks ago:


The intent of the hire? "Cloud reliability." I think a lot of people assumed that it was to try to prevent the outages that have been occurring recently. I'm leaning more toward optimizing the service to perform better, particularly in the evening hours.

James Heartney

I have AT&T DSL, and my Rokus have been doing fine the past few weeks.

One thing you can try if your Roku is misbehaving is switching WiFi channels. I have an XD that at one point I was about to through out the window because it would not work. After switching WiFi channels, it runs beautifully.


I have been doing Google searches almost every day wondering if anyone has been having this problem lately. I have AT&T DSL and watch Netflix on a PS3.

For an entire year I happily had no problems at all. Starting last month, the stream quality has become garbage. It takes at least 30 seconds for the picture to start clearing up when before it would begin to improve the picture almost right away. The quality keeps shooting up and down and HD programs don't want to stream steadily at a high rate any more.

Here's what's strange though: The Display on my PS3 states that the stream is of "High" quality when it is actually "Low". It never used to make that mistake and I was wondering if it was a programming error (possibly from the most recent update?) causing the problems.

Mark Stinson

We've experienced the constant retrying as well for all devices (xbox360, wii, media pc) and we have AT&T DSL. I've read various entries on Broadband Reports about folks dealing with issue of AT&T over-selling their network and not upgrading their infrastructure.

Our only workaround is to use the recent Netflix control for data caps to downgrade its streaming quality. That's increased the amount the data it stuff into the streaming buffer to offset AT&T's incompentencies.

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