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I don't care about Blockbuster's in-store trade-in. A perk of renting online is not having to go to a store.
A few years ago, Blockbuster kind of did what Netflix is doing now. The in-store trade-in was included with the membership plans at no additional cost. Blockbuster then realigned the plans where utilizing the in-store trade-in would cost extra. I dropped it--they were really doing me a favor by keeping me out of the store, and I eventually dropped Blockbuster altogether because its shipping delays and bumbling wasn't worth keeping for those few selections Netflix didn't have.

Nic Peterson 9

If I was only interested in cinema that came out in the last 1-3 years I would sign up for blockbuster yesterday. But alas I enjoy cult and classic cinema and netflix delivers that in spades.


Blockbuster has a much better by mail program, free blu-ray and new releases. If I was going to spend my money I would rather it stayed here in America then got spent trying to expand into Latin America!


I suppose it depends on what's important to you. I did a free trial of BlockBuster a while back and they even had a few titles I couldn't get from Netflix. But the turn-around time for me was over a week instead of the two days for Netlfix, which made BlockBuster relatively more expensive.


I think I'll take advantage of the free trial but unless they have a streaming catalog the size of netflix or at least with most of my instant queue worth, then I'm afraid at this time blockbuster is only a competitor if you only want DVD or bluray.


During my Blockbuster free trial the mail was extremely slow taking over a week turn around. I quit my blockbuster free trial early and watched the blockbuster queued movies through netflix. A week later I received those movies (I already watched through my netflix account) from the blockbuster account I had already quit. They told me they would continue to send through the whole trial. I immediately returned the movies and got billed 15.99 each because they were not returned during my trial. When I called and complained they stated that they would refund me but there was a 4 dollar restocking fee per movie. My free trial cost 12 bucks...more than a real month at netflix.

Blockbuster always finds a way to steal your money (late fees, restocking fees). I could never use them again. They steal everyone's new ideas and do them worse.


Blockbuster under Dish's leadership is a whole new company without the debt hanging over it's head. They have already slashed prices in store and now have better offerings by mail.

Tracy Winchester

What about BB online. This deal is just for the Brick and Mortar stores. They need to do this deal for Online. If they offered $9.99 a month for DVD/BluRay and Games, that would be awesome. I rarely streamed movies anyway since there wasn't many new releases available.

Tracy Winchester

I guess I was wrong. this does include BB online. Sign up here https://www.blockbuster.com/signup/m/plan/c.helloblockbuster/pt.helloblockbuster


I too, am a current Blockbuster by mail subscriber. At least in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, disc delivery for both BB and Netflix takes about the same amount of time (about 1-2 days).

It is a shame the stores have closed because the ability to swap at near-by stores was convenient. For me, the ability to get new releases without the 28 day penalty, plus the better (IMO) web site and queue management with Blockbuster is worth the extra $2/month.

Since Netflix seems so want to kick physical media to the curb, I think I'll continue to support BB for my Blu-ray and DVD by mail business, and give Netflix my streaming business.

Mouse K. Fish

I just signed up for the Blockbuster-by-mail service and am very pleasantly surprised that they have all of the new releases I want! And definitely 28 days before Netflix. Blockbuster kiosk rentals are not that expensive, either.

This may be the rekindling of a beautiful friendship!


I wish the mail order blockbusters could at least be returned to kiosks, if not swapped. It would probably help with the turnaround time.

Raven A. Wind

Yeah... Not seeing how this is any improvement over paying $7.99 to Netflix for DVDs. Unless you want games, or are worried about the newest releases (which are just as easy to get at Redbox) this is actually a step in the wrong direction.

Why would I pay Blockbuster $2 more per month for slower service (They don't have as may distro centers) and censored videos (yes, they still do that) when I could stay with Netflix and get a wider selection of older titles (Blockbuster doesn't like filling their shelves with anything that's too old) and faster service?

Yes, I dropped the DVD portion of my Netflix account. I think the price increase was awful. But Blockbuster's "special price for Netflix customers" is still crap. It's asking for more money than Netflix is, and not giving me anything I really care about.

I'd rather just get my new releases from Redbox, and go to the mom & pop store to get older titles.

Tracy Winchester

Well, 7.99 is DVD only , not BluRay. BluRay rentals with netflex is $9.99 and BluRay Rentals with Blockbuster is $9.99 , so it is the same price for the same product. But then there is a bonus with BB now in that you can get games and don't have the 28 day wait. So It is a better deal IMO.

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