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Account Deleted

I tried to think so, but i found it was not as the same in the actual process. As you mentioned, I still have doubts, but really thank you for sharing!


So they can never find a movie an NF Watch Instantly?


Hehe, yeah, this is just a lambasting of Netflix and Blockbuster, a minor promo for Red Box, and a justification for downloading illegally. It's kinda funny, but definitely untrue in my experience (granted, I'm one of the few that don't have enough room in my queues with both my instant and DVD queue overflowing; I've got movies bookmarked in my browser because I can't fit them in my queues and also have a separate list of movies that I can find at my local public libaries that aren't in my NF queues). Regardless, Netflix has a big target on its back and rightfully so, so I take no issue with people taking pot shots at them.


If the goal is to find something to watch this comic is wrong, but if the goal is to find a specific film - say a Kirosawa movie - then it's completely accurate. In my experience the chances of finding a particular (good) title on Instant Watch is less than 1 in 10, probably much less.

William Crawford

Ah, but now you have to add in Amazon Prime's streamable video service as well... It probably won't be much different than NetFlix's options, but it's somewhere to look.

Plus, I've had pretty good luck with NetFlix anyhow.

Rose Crowe

LOL I've found that most people who say they can't find anything to watch on Netflix streaming are either looking for movies just released to DVD or for current seasons of tv shows. The chances of finding things so recently released/aired is soooooo slim right now. My boyfriend and I have found plenty to watch, but we also do not have cable and have not kept abreast of all the great tv shows out there. However, we will be canceling and finding our entertainment elsewhere if the price increase holds...

Arkadiusz Piekarz

None of these services are available in my country (in Europe). So yeah, we have lots of options to choose from.

Ckeilah Facade

Actually, NOTFlix Streaming seems to *remove* movies that I started watching and want to go back to finish later. They don't add them to the DVD availability list either; the titles are just *gone*, dumped into the "saved DVD" queue. WTF?

Oh, and the graphic is funny, but should replace Illegally Downloaded with "went to my local Mom&Pop video store and found all the Kurasawa movies, along with everything else actually worth watching, and then cancelled my NOTFlix membership before the price hike" ;-)

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