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Leon Villanueva

if netflix can bankrupt blockbuster im sure vudo isin't even on the map


thousands of movies are
available to rent for just $2 for 2 nights.

Lets compare that to NF's $4.99 1 DVD out at-a-time (limit 2 rentals a month).

Its only really an alternative for the very low end.


I don't see it as an alternative at least for the Streaming-part of netflix. I use VUDU as a secondary service for netflix, but even with their $0.99 deals, it's still 31$ a month IF you rent a movie every day. Of course, not all movies-of-the-day are rent-worthy :)


After glancing at the website, VUDU seems more of a competitor with cable On Demand. They prices are certainly higher than what the NF-DVDs are.

Example: I just returned a Battle: Los Angeles DVD to Netflix. VUDU streams it for $3.99. Netflix still is the better deal, if one doesn't mind waiting a while for those newest titles.

Robert Emmerich

I used Vudu once for a free rental on my PS3. I really liked the layout and all the info you can get - Rotten Tomotes, IMDB, etc. That and it lets you test and see your download speeds. I had no idea it was Walmart owned.
As already said, it's a VOD competitor, NOT a NF competitor. Plus it's a really stupid name unless you only want to market to bayou country. Vudu, really?
Of course with Walmarts power I don't see why they can't get a subscription model eventually, Amazon has Prime and Hulu has Plus.


The $14.99 price for Rango on Vudu is to buy it. That's not the rental price, which isn't available until tomorrow.

But, I agree that Vudu isn't really a competitor of Netflix. I don't even think it's a competitor of Redbox until they get the majority, if not all, of their titles at the $1 price point. I think the number one criteria for a company to be competing would be that they have to offer unlimited streaming at a fixed price. Even if it's $20/month and they do something like all new releases, I'd still consider that competing with Netflix.

PC Linux

I'm confused. Is Vudu the name of the service and also a settop box like Roku?


Unless a competator can best the average cost per title/disc of about 30¢ that netflix is costing me. Even after the price hike that won't go up much to about just under 40¢ per title/disc. TV shows tend to be about 5 discs. I instant watch mainly TV shows. Took me awhile to count it all up since feedflix counts each episode in it's average costs formula. Which skews the average cost down to 7¢ per.


I agree with you jason. Right now I'm paying about 45 cents a disk with netflix, with as much streaming and as many DVD's as my household goes through. With the price hike in Sept, I figure I'll pay about 50-65 cents or so per disk/title.

Until a competitor can beat that with an option for a disk OR streaming, I'm staying with netflix. I enjoy getting the physical disks as I travel a lot for my job. Usually about 100 miles from home, no more than 2-3 nights every 2-3 weeks.

I enjoy taking our portable DVD/TV player with a couple movies to watch while in the hotel, as not every hotel/motel has wifi in every room yet and I prefer not to watch streaming or DVD's on the company laptop.


Vudu really should go back to marketing 101.

1- be very careful mentioning a competitor. You usually only invite negative comparisons and are giving them free advertising.

2- know how savy your customers are. People know that price wise Vudu and Netflix aren't even in the same ballpark. Ad trickery alienates potential customers.

3- be careful what you promise. Not in this ad but as part of Vudu's recent buzz they were added to walmart.com so you can watch movies from that site. Unfortunatly Vudu is known for quality and so far watching from a browser is limited. To get HDX you need a STB that can support it.

@PC Linux - Vudu used to make a box that was exclusive to their content. The idea was sound. They controlled the hardware so they could assure a great experience. However they found it was difficult enough to compete with VOD services much less requiring people to invest up front in a STB. That's why they recently started adding their service to whomever will talk to them.

Raven A. Wind

There's no way you can get more than 8 rentals from Netflix per month on the 1-out-at-a-time plan unless you're watching in the morning and returning at the post office the same day.

If you're using your own mailbox and watching like a normal person, though:

Monday: Movie arrives. Watch it.
Tuesday: Drop in mail.
Wednesday: Netflix gets it. Sends out next one.
Thursday: Movie arrives. Watch it.
Friday: Drop in mail.
Saturday: Netflix gets it. Sends out next.
Sunday: No mail.

So for most people, on a month without a postal holiday they'll get EIGHT movies for the $7.99 + tax they're paying to Netflix.

So I don't get where you guys are coming up with 30-60 cents per disc. That seems impossible unless you're counting the streaming in that equation.

If you're doing 1 disc at a time, you're getting the exact same deal as Redbox, but with more waiting in exchange for a better selection.

Art Artistry

@ Raven A. Wind-Those people were on more then 1 dvd out at a time plans, and I believe user Jason was talking about his streaming included. The more dvds you get out at a time you get the better deal you have considering 3 at a time is the cost of 2 one at a times thats 66 cents per dvd. I think 4 is 21.99 and I can't remember any of them after that. Also Redbox has experimented with prices as high as $2 for the first night, 1 dollar per night after that. Meaning 3 dollars for 2 nights.(link below).


No VoD service can ever be compared to a subscription service, similar to how you can't compare redbox to netflix's dvds. And if you even want to compare the $2 for 2 nights, to netflix.

If you get a 9.99 for netflix 1 blu ray at a time and return them in a way that you have them for two nights including the day you get it. That means you get 6 blu rays for the months of July. meaning 1.30 ish or so per movie. Less then redbox by a ton and less then vudu. Also doesn't Vudu charge a lot more for higher quality video? I remember seeing some movies for 3.99 for standard, 4.99 for good and 5.99 for high. You can go to an early bird showing at a theater for 6 dollars.

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