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Robbie Fisher

Logitech's site you link to is still selling it for $249


Or you could hook up a PC to your LCD television and be set.
Much cheaper alternative than a $99 box.


Unfortunately, most of the "channels" are webpages and the experience is less than ideal (currently). And some webpages don't work - like HBO GO if you're a Comcast customers. Plan to hit this topic soon. Maybe as soon as Logitech actually drops the price. ;)


Oh contrare Mofrare. The incremental cost of running a PC 24/365 compared to the Revue will cost you more than $99. Add in the added convenience associated with a dedicate appliance and the conclusion is, the PC is NOT a cheaper nor a better alternative.

The best alternative currently, in my mind, is the BoxeeBox.

Robert Emmerich

And if you like your NF on the go the 3DS is dropping from $249 to $169 Aug. 12th, for those of you were waiting for the inevitable and didn't know yet.


When will the price be dropped to $99? How is this different than the internet apps already on my HDTV?


I waited for competition for a long time before buying a roku. It never came. A few months ago, I bought the roku.

Now, Im having to pay an extra $7.99 for content that was not really wanted by me but nice to have when I was out of discs.

Im keeping the roku for a few years anyway to get my moneys worth out of the $70.


Is it uncomfortable to willingly pay for something you don't want, and then complain about it?


Price has been dropped to $99 at logitech site and amazon

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