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A better map would be of all the regions where people are canceling Netflix. We could make it red for those who are staying and taking it and blue for those who think Netflix just screwed it's customers for wallstreet. I have a feeling the whole map would be blue according to the 66,000 negative responses on Netflix facebook page in 3 days.

At least Greed Hastings is still making his $1.5 million a week as gas prices go up for average Americans.


It's funny seeing titles relating to the states where they are popular. "Slacker" was filmed in Austin, Texas. "The OH in Ohio" is over Ohio. "LA Story" is over Los Angeles. "Twister" is over the part of Alabama that did not get hit during the tornado outbreak in April, as if the southern part of the state rents it to sympathize with the ravaged northern part.


Hey Johnson..... you do realize that even if all 66,000 negative comments do actually cancel their subscriptions that represents 0.3 percent of total subscribers. Reality is you can't please all of the people all of the time, and there are some that you can't please no matter what you do (you being one of them). Maybe the churn will be a fraction of a percent higher this month than it normally is, but once all these upset people go out their and try BB, Amazon, Hulu.... they will be back. Netflix is still the best bargain out there for DVD's, and Streaming.


This is as lame as Netflix's

Local Favorites for (name of local city)

when you browse DVD's.

Who cares!

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