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I have been saying for the longest that their stock is over valued.


This inevitably happens when a company does something that really impresses stock holders and then does one or more things that angers their customers to the point of a lot of bad publicity. In other words the huge price hike DVD+streaming customers face and the possibility of them losing millions of subscribers as a result. Note I don't own netflix stock and my statement should not be used in any stock buying or selling decisions. I only wish I had bought stock way back when I'd be rich today :)

Walt D in LV

That's a great chart. I remember in my early days of using Netflix, that shares were only about $20. Now, to be well over $200?? Incredible.

I'd also like to see a chart detailing Netflix' subscriber count. It was a big deal when they hit 2 million. It Seems like just last year I was impressed that they had hit 9 million, and now over 25 million subscribers?! Incredible company.

Finally, seeing the two charts together, watching the subscriber count go up along with the stock price. Very interesting.


How do you value a company that is changing the way we watch television, and rent movies. It was just a few short years ago that most of us were standing in line at Blockbuster paying 4.99 for a two day rental (which was really only one day)for a movie we really did not want but had to settle for because the one we wanted was all rented out, and having to race back to return them before we were hit with a late fee, or rewind fee.

Note: I have had the same two movies sitting on my table for 3 weeks as i write this.

If this company was selling widgets the normal stock market valuation might apply. But this company is revolutionizing the way we entertain ourselves. That in my opinion is priceless, and why the stock is defying all of the armchair CEO's (analysts) expectations.

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