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Robert Emmerich

I once did a survey* comparing self described "apple eaters" to "orange eaters" and found that apple eaters eat more apples than orange eaters and orange eaters eat more oranges than apple eaters.

*No, I didn't actually do that survey.


The Wii can stream Hulu? WTF?

Raven A. Wind

To be fair to Netflix, Hulu's streaming on non-computer devices simply sucks. You pay extra for Hulu Plus and they still won't stream several shows on iOS, Xbox 360, or other devices.

So it's not like Hulu Plus users have any damn choice. If you want to watch certain shows, you have to watch them on PC.


"Unsurprisingly, Netflix customers watched more movies, and Hulu subscribers watched more TV shows."

In related news: GameFly subscribers played more games.


I watch both lots of new releases and lots of TV. Use a ROKU that a got a few months ago.

Never tried Hulu. Cant see paying $8 a month to watch commercials.

Thats the benefit of discs & NF streaming...no commercials. Well, for the most part anyway. A few discs wont let you skip them.


I'm shocked Roku is only 5% and computer is so high.

Kurt Bucy

@rjm35126 actully if your using the paid hulu plus there is no commercials. But the main thing I would say is the survey is flawed. It should be compairing the 2 paid services. hulu plus and netflix, not just hulu and netflix. You cannot watch regular hulu on anything other than a PC. And hulu plus doesnt have anything close to the content netflix has.


I'd like to know how those 1% are watching Hulu on GoogleTV when it's currently blocked on GoogleTV.

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