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Noor Almtowaq



Walt D in LV

I had multiple Netflix accounts years ago when I was really burning through a lot of movies. 8-at-a-time is the maximum, so multiple accounts was the only way to go.

I actually spoke with Customer Support at the time, again, years ago, and even then, they said they didn't have a problem with multiple accounts, as long as you're paying for them. I had the DVDs all going to the same address.

Now, with a change in my work schedule, I don't watch as many movies. I am on just one 3-at-a-time Blu-ray plan with Netflix, I get Blockbuster 2-at-a-time in store for New Releases, and 1-at-a-time Blockbuster by Mail (they actually sometimes have items that Netflix does not!).

Kevin Burns

Streaming limit is 50, how many devices do you have?



They are talking about simultaneous streams.

Dan B.

Why would they have a problem with it? You're paying for both. Now that streaming and DVDs are priced separately I would imagine there's even greater appeal to having multiple accounts. I would split my accounts if they would migrate my second profile.


Yep, I've got 2 accounts. One for my spouse and I (that includes rated R content) and one for the kids that has a parental restriction on it of PG. The adult account has dvd delivery as well as streaming and the kid account only has streaming to their devices (Ipods and Wii). I've told customer service several times that being able to manage multiple queues on the same account would make family's lives easier and being able to use a pass code to lock out content on the same account would be VERY helpful instead of managing multiple accounts. It has nothing to do with money, simply being able to manage one account with multiple queues would be very helpful. One downside to limiting an account to PG is that many, many National Geographic specials are not rated and therefore not able to be seen on the PG setting which makes the kids account limiting in that aspect.


Yeah, I don't know where this assumption comes from that you couldn't have more than one account. Like others have said, as long as you're paying for them, more power to you. Netflix shouldn't have to say it.

Lee Millar

So, to clarify, does having more than one netflix user account allow you to split up your streaming queue. In other words, my netflix streaming queue has too much of my families stuff on it and vice-verse. Is it yet at all possible for each family member to have their own streaming queue with setting up a multiple user account?


to Lee Miller: no, not yet. I've asked this question of customer service numerous times and was told "that's a really good idea" so hopefully if we all keep calling and requesting the option of multiple queues they will eventually enable it. I have 2 Netflix accounts specifically to deal with this problem. I don't want my adult account limited to rated PG but I don't want my young kids to be watching rated R either. Plus, each account has well over 200 items in the "watch it now" instant queue and it's a pain for our kids to cull through all our stuff and vis versa when looking for something to watch - so the only option was 2 separate Netflix accounts - are you listening Netflix? LOVE your service but better management of accounts would be great - I'd be will to pay a fee just to be able to manage multiple queues on one account.

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