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If they want to be like HBO, then getting content from the creator of a show as awful and gimmicky as Weeds is a step in the wrong direction.


Original content just means they will eventually raise prices yet again.

Within 2-4 years they will have several tiers of service. Netflix will be the new cable with ever-increasing prices.


They can license it to HBO and s
Showtime a year or so later to keep costs down. They could also distribute DVDs. I think I will just wait and rent it from Blockbuster or stream it from Amazon. (:

I guess they have to do this because of what the studios are doing, holding back and raising prices. HBO is about $10 a month or so, depending on where you are, right? Doesn't seem like they have much upside on prices now. This type of thing is pretty risky, with a different required skill set.


Lets hope netflix does not overpay for this like they did with House of Cards. I think HBO costs about $14 per month.

Edward R Murrow

Welcome to the feature table of big stakes poker. Whoever is flush with cash, buys every pot.


The comparison of Netflix to HBO is valid, I don't like the direction Netflix is going with these expensive exclusive rights for unknown shows. I wish Netflix would use my money to buy more recent movies and popular network TV shows.


Exclusives do us no good and means the company with the most money dominates. There could be a content war with one or two other big competitors, but it locks out others, and means we will lose out unless we want to also spend the money on the one or two others that get exclusives.

It could mean that much of what the internet has to offer as far as entrainment is unfulfilled. Monopolies on the internet will be about the same as on cable. It will take a few years for this to develop, so who knows. Just something I have some concern about No biggie though worst case I watch less and I get a life!


I wonder how many people would be interested in this show. Based on the description, I am not. With "House of Cards" I can see Netflix's interested based on the PBS -- BBC version but where's the statistics for this one??? I would like to see Netflix pick a Sci Fi show like provide the new home for "The Event" TV Show. If Netflix is going to get into the Original Shows too, shouldn't they at least find out what us members want to watch? Take a survey or something!

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