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I can't see my normal queue on my 360. None of the normal genre queues, not the recently watched, not my own queue. I do have search though, and i can watch anything that I search for...


Really makes you wonder if there's a deliberate attack on netflix. Especially with so much happening right after the price hike announcement.


Still unable to connect to Netflix via my PS3


had a slight problem watching via my roku tonight but it only lasted a short time before I was able to stream again just fine.

Brian Hard

No problems on all three of my systems: Xbox, Wii and SharpLCD.


i got on netflix last night and it said that i couldn't aces the site. it happens , so i get out and go to hulu for a bit and come back. works fine. :)


Wed nite(7-20) 934PM CDT...can't access on Roku....i have NEVER been offered a 'rebate' from NF!.......

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