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I have never seen any website change that makes the site better that it was before the change.


Anthony Hayes

EVER? really?!



Nic Peterson 9

It might be a overstatement but I tend to agree with shthar, I have to use a lot of websites for work purposes and the constant need to redesign is mostly terrible.

On the topic of the post, the lack of sortable lists was stupid and a feature i used on a regular basis, glad its coming back.

Kale Barton

I need my PS3 app changed back to the one I had before. Single page viewing on the queue and various genres, allowing you to quickly pinpoint what you wanted . This one line, scroll across one at a time madness must end.


did anyone else notice that they also added a button that allows you to clear your rating for a show or movie? they have needed this for a long time, I have a tendency to accidentally rate things I have not seen.


Btoy: Do you rate stuff you haven't seen based upon who's acting in it? I have a friend who does that.

The only function I really really want on there is the ability to erase my WI history, because I do have some "questionable" films on there... and I have to keep up snobbish appearances!


They've had the option to clear your rating for a looong time. What they need to fix for this redesign is the static frame taking up over a third of the screen if you're using a browser at 720p. I have a laptop plugged into a TV and I literally can't even see an entire movie cover at that resolution-- the resolution that ALL of their HD content is in! Why do they think we need a big NETFLIX logo and then a giant empty gray block on the top of the page at all times when we can't even see a whole row of movie covers?




really? I have actively looked for the function before and never seen it, guess I'm blind. Linda, when i have rated things I haven't seen it has been an accident, quite often when using the touch pad on my laptop as I have scrolled over things I have have inadvertently rated them.


If they are making changes due to customer feedback then I would say the customer feedback on the new price hike says don't raise prices so Americans can pay for you to license content in latin america.


Still no scrollbars though?

Glad the sortable lists are coming back at least. It was basically impossible to browse for new stuff to watch.

I feel like netflix is becoming a victim of its success and/or some new people are in charge over there. It seems much less "human" and more "Big biz" over there lately. Which is a shame, I admired and respected the kind of "customer first" attitude over there which you see from just about no companies anymore.


To Greed Hastings Wallstreet means more then Mainstreet.


Through a couple of the links mentioned, use this to get the old look now:


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