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David J. Weiner

My theory is that Netflix will eventually sell off the DVD business instead of drawing out an eventual and inevitable shutdown of DVDs by mail. I think the new pricing scheme was intended to split off as many customers as possible to DVD only plans to make it an easier transition. This move only bolsters my theory.


I know somebody that works for netflix and she tells me that the Streaming is not going as well for netflix like they thought it would and this move is to get the focus back to dvd by mail and that the problems that netflix is having with streaming could make netflix go back to dvd more than streaming!


@Jv3030: This is interesting, but it does not jive with the recent changes Netflix announced about eliminating all DVD features from it's Open API (also announced here on HackingNetflix.com). Please keep us informed as you hear more from your friend.


Last month, you reported they were facing local opposition to their plan to expand in their current location. This news is probably the result.

June 14 article
June 29 article


Do you know the way to San Jose?


Dude, I'm still trying to find Sesame Street.

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