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Dara Peloquin

Some of those shows were already on instant! One thing, about 3 weeks ago they announced that they would be adding mad men to watch instantly, still hasnt happened?! When they announce these things, is there follow up? Wonder years was announced in april, still not available!


Whoopie!! more of the same old crap.


mad men comes at the end of the month. wonder years was mentioned in the fox deal. they never gave a date when it would pop up.


@Dara - it does say "renewal", so it's not surprising that some are already there.

Anyway, it a bargain when you consider what people pay for the chance to watch this stuff on cable.

Matthew Ryan

Wait... in the past for NBCU shows, it's always been the season from the previous year shows up the month after the DVD release. Is that changing? One-season delay could be referring to broadcast delay (ie, one episode in current season means one episode from last season) or that the season from last year will be on a delay.


It sounds to me like it's not changing.


FWIW Mike I don't think they mean that "The Event" I think the mean this one: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Event/70197638?trkid=2361637

(Which was not that great.)


Sadly, I don't think The Wonder Years is ever coming.


Who cares about old NBC/Universal shows? I can get them the next day on Hulu, what I want is CBS/Viacom shows!

Nic Peterson 9

What Netflix needed to do was make some high profile deals for content and THAN announce a price hike.


Boy, I switched to the non-streaming plan JUST in time.


This is what they need to double the price for. The same content that already sucks!!!


No more fresh episodes of 'Saturday Night Live' on Netflix


Actually the Universal content gets worse for more money!!!


The price didn't double. Streaming was $7.99 before, and it still is.

New episodes of SNL are available the next day for free elsewhere on the net. Personally I never watched the new ones Netflix, only old episodes.


Way to defend a 60% price hike... Good luck with that!!!


Netflix has international aspirations and expects you to pay for it so some guy in Latin America can stream from the comfort of his mud hut. That way NFLX can continue to deceive investors and show growth and keep this momo stock going.


So one day after a 60% price hike, they announce this deal with Comcast-owned NBC.

This is too much of a coincidence for me.

More proof that these giant companies should never be allowed to merge. I hope the government looks at what Sirius did after their merger, and what Comcast is doing now, and keeps it in mind for At&t/T-Mobile


@Johnson - I'm not defending anything, I'm pointing out the fact that what you said (once again) is just wrong.


...and I notice that even your incorrect claims went down from double to 60%.


Just rounding off. A screw job is a screw job. You go ahead and keep splitting hairs.Who the &%&# are you anyways the forum moderator? If you add the last price increase and this price increase I say DOUBLE DOUBLE DOUBLE!!!!


Blockbuster Rescues Furious Netflix Customers... Netflix Customers Offered Blockbuster Total Access With New Everyday Pricing and Free 30-Day Trial With Proof of Netflix Account
No 28 day delay either.


I'm not moderating the forum, I'm just participating. When I think you've said something wrong, I'll correct it. The real question is who are you that you think no one should point out when you're just flat out wrong (as you constantly are)?

Lets see, you're either a Netflix customer who, in spite of the constant whining, still thinks it's a good enough value to keep paying for their services. Or you're not a customer, in which case what do you have to complain about? Maybe you just have an ax to grind with Netflix? Or maybe you're just bored so you're annoying us all for something to do?


...oh, and no one's getting screwed. You can cancel your service at any time and you don't have to pay those rates. Netflix has no obligation to provide you with anything past your current month.




Yeah, I knew you wouldn't be able to come up with any good repsonse.


Response to what? your whinning? What do I care what you think? Alls you are is one of those Anal retentive guys who feels the need to make sure everything is spot on. quit splitting hairs and (fill in the rest)


I've blocked Johnson1965Tony/Jolly/Osama for harassing other commenters on the site (long overdue, I know). I'm tired of the complaints from other readers.

I don't mind a critic of Netflix in the comments, but I'm not going to tolerate a bully.


Thank you Mike. I for one appreciate it.


Well, I am excited for the additions of Leave it to Beaver and Adam 12, am curious as to how long I'll have to wait for it to debut.

For the $6 increase, I hope they start adding more such as Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, NCIS, and so on. And the last season of Emergency! which the dvd version has already been released (months ago in fact).

I wouldn't be so opposed to their new price plans if I felt like I would be getting my monies worth. So this $6 increase better go towards better deals with companies to get more streaming of the kind of programming we want specifically from the CW and CBS.

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