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Scott Baker

"The Eagle" is a gem.

Greg Riffe

The list of new DVD releases will be moot soon.

Netflix seems bent on getting rid of DVD rentals in favor of streaming.

Ryan McHone

I don't know if its just me, but the dvd turn around time is a day longer for me. i sent a movie yesterday and they received it this morning and normally it would almost instantly show the next movie coming. now its the afternoon so instead of getting it tomorrow it takes 2 days. Anyone else experience this? I used to be able to get 3 movies a week, but haven't been doing that in a while. usually 1 a week, just annoying that it's taking longer...especially if I'm going to pay more.

Matthew Little

Ryan, Yes I have had the exact same experience! I actually wrote to HackingNetflix about it last night because I was starting to suspect that this was an across-the-board type of thing. I've been renting from Netflix since 2003. And in my current city, the closest Netflix distribution center is just a couple of miles away. So, almost without exception, rentals have ALWAYS taken just one day to get back to them (save for weekends and holidays). I've had maybe 7-8 isolated incidents over eight years where DVDs took more than a day. But now, my last four rentals have ALL taken two business days to be acknowledged as "received" by Netflix (and none of them are rare or hard-to-find titles that might account for a delay). I wondered if it might be specific to the distribution center in my area, but unless you are in Southern Maine, it is sounding like this might be a new policy at Netflix.

If we are to believe that Netflix is trying to kill DVDs with their new policy, we have to also wonder if they are intentionally delaying DVDs so that fewer go out each month (making DVDs less appealing to customers). If so, I find this really discouraging since, in addition to the 60% price increase, we are theoretically getting half as many DVDs per month as they used to (assuming that you watching a DVD as soon as you get it and then putting it back in the mail the very next morning... which few people actually do, but the logic still applies).

I hope that HackingNetflix will look into this further.

Ryan McHone

ill keep track of it too and see if i see a pattern or anything. i had an advantage of having a satellite self service post office at the end of my neighborhood, my mail would come early in the morning i could watch it and take it to that post office and they would get it the very next day. i dont do that anymore since i recently moved, but thats when the delay started. we will see. i just moved 8 miles away to a bigger town so i dont think the distribution center should have an impact on the delay.

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