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So I didn't bother to stream because I saw the news on Twitter and on here. So no direct failure, no credit? I think I deserve a credit IMHO for not having the service available, but I guess I'm just a whiner.

David Bonner

Don't feel bad. I did try to stream, and still didn't get an offer of a credit.

Sean Carr

It's 24 cents.

Steve Irving

I've never taken these credits in the past, but the way things have been going with N* in the last couple months......I'll take 24 cents for a mouse click.....I'll take every one of them from now on.


Woo hoo! That will totally off-set my nearly doubling monthly fee!

Oh, wait, I didn't get even that. I had trouble through Roku but managed to stream via the iPad app and on my laptop. I guess a half-outage doesn't even merit a token credit.

Jorie Slodki

Has anyone else suddenly stopped getting e-mail from Netflix? I thought that maybe I accidentally blocked them, but they aren't on my blocked list. The last e-mail I got was about the price change.


In the past Netflix has been lauded for providing credits, now they are being ripped. Why? Because streaming is no longer a freebie. They have spent 4 years perfecting streaming and now they are going to charge for it.

Lets look at the facts. Netflix still offers the best product at the best prices for both streaming and DVD rental.

Take your credit, ask for a credit, but please, go away happy, watch a movie or something.


I'm honestly not upset about not being offered a credit. I am upset about the price increase, which for me almost doubles my monthly fee, especially since it a) comes on the heels of other relatively recent increases; b) is being marketed as if it's offering me more, not less, choice; and c) comes at a time when the quality and diversity of Netflix's streaming catalog is being called into question, as studios cancel deals and/or put their content elsewhere. I'm being asked to pay double for the same, possibly even lesser service.

The "Netflix is still the best game in town so shut up already" argument has some weight. They are still the best game in town. But that doesn't in any way give them a free pass.

Mike Spilatro

So if one were to have a streaming and dvd subscription would that be 3% off the total bill or just off the streaming bill?

Pat Billone

My credit said it would be on my $7.99 streaming bill eventhough I have both that and 1 dvd now. Changes do not go into affect until September so shouldn't my credit be for my current $10.79 fee?

Christian Calaway

I haven't gotten any credit offer in spite of actually trying to stream on Sunday and moving to Hulu after several failed attempts to stream. However, I have gotten the credit in the past when I hadn't been streaming during the outage. Makes me curious to know how Netflix decides who gets credits. Or I just haven't gotten mine yet. Maybe they're still rolling out. Who knows!


and i spent it all in one place


This marks the first time that I HAVEN'T gotten the credit offer regardless of whether I tried to stream or not. Interesting...

Smy Lee

I didn't receive a credit this time either, and I was repeatedly trying to watch a movie during the issues. Go figure.

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