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As things go I feel they may be a little optimistic about those who stay on as both streaming and DVD given the outrage seen on the internet. The price hike may be a hard pill for many to swallow.

Jacob Neff

I'm one of the few that is fine Netflix' decision, but I looked at subscription costs and with current promotional rates it will be cheaper for me to get 2-out from Blockbuster and stream from Netflix rather than get it all from Netflix, so that's what I'll do.

If Blockbuster raises prices I'll reevaluate. No big deal.


Hmmmm. Well, I'm be moving to a 2-out DVD only plan before Sept. Until NF can offer full streaming of ALL their catalog AND maintain it without expiring titles, I am happy with DVDs.

NF will actually loose money on me as I switch. I only stream 4-5 movies a year so they'll be providing the same 2-out DVDs at a cheaper price and I'll get me movies from Directv Platinum, Amazon prime Hulu or free Roku channels IF I need them. Otherwise I scoot down to Redbox and grab a disc.


Since it's those that want the streaming service AND DVD service.. shouldn't they be working hard to further improve the quality and range of their DVD/Blu-ray content in Q4 and beyond???
Seriously.. compare their "Releasing This Week" section (which convinently isn't even linked to on their main page anymore, though it does still exist if you have it bookmarked) to this time a few years ago. Their DVD/Blu-ray releases are a joke now compared to what they used to be. They don't even try to get newly released classic TV shows anymore (Spin City, MST3K are just a few off of the top of my head) and a lot of the older movies being newly released on DVD or Blu-ray they skip. I'm trying Blockbuster Online for free for a month and it's new release section is so much larger than Netflix is now. It's a joke to even compare the two. I may just stick with Blockbuster for DVD/Blu-ray rentals and possibly just downgrade to a streaming only plan with Netflix.. or switch to Amazon Prime.


If you look at the Q3 guidance you will see that the international market is LOSING money, I guess the price increase was to subsidize members in other countries.

Mike Ekholm

I was just looking over this HR2471. This is a way around the Video Privacy Protection Act - (Wrongful disclosure of video tape rental or sale records). Currently Netflix has a bunch of information on every subscriber - video viewing habits. because 18 U.S.C. § 2710 that netflix can not tie personal information (phone, e-mail address, physical address, ssn, credit card number, etc) to a list of movie titles without specific consent. HR2471 would allow for "electronic consent" - i.e. the I agree check box at the bottom of the list of terms.

This would allow netflix to share your movies with your fiends on facebook.

Now, you are a rewards zone member at best buy. best buy has your address, name and e-mail. best buy knows which universal movies you buy. best buy shares this information with universal. now netflix would also be able to share with universal, which movies you rent. you just lost another little peice of your privacy.

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