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And charges you an extra 60% for it.


Streaming is the same price as it was before.


Right you just no longer get half the service that 80% of Netflix users use. You know the one, it's the one that actually has 1/2 of the new release movies, the ones worth watching that aren't hogans heros.

If you were on the blu-ray plan blockbuster's pricing is actually $2 cheaper plus you get free games.


@kh99 read the article before you comment bonehead it references by mail and streaming.


Is what I said wrong? No. Also, in some cases DVD only plans cost less now. However, I would strongly encourage anyone who thinks the cost isn't worth it to immediately cancel their plan. Should I ahve to say that? No, because I would expect everyone to be making those kinds of decisions all the time, and not basing it on someone else telliung them what's a service is worth to them.

As usual, what you posted is irrelevant and incorrect, and you apparently can't argue your point without calling me names.


I've blocked Johnson1965Tony/Jolly/Osama for harassing other commenters on the site (long overdue, I know). I'm tired of the complaints from other readers.

I don't mind a critic of Netflix in the comments, but I'm not going to tolerate a bully.


The problem is. If you cancel streaming, I believe you LOSE access to it until you reup. Thats problematic because I envision swapping between 3-4 discs ONLY one month to Streaming and 2 at a time the next.

No sense paying for unlimited streaming when most of what I watch are discs.

And NF, in their infinate wisdom didnt decide to give us the option of "limited" streaming for less money.

I get it. I really do. This is a business with shareholders. Its not a charity venture.

Netflix is a fantastic value particularly when comparing it to cable or a couple mights a month at the movies for a family.

But, for a tightwad single guy, its not as easy of a "slamdunk" as it would be for a family of 6.

THANK YOU for blocking Johnson1965Tony/Jolly/Osama.


Mike, just run my cancellation screencap. :)


David Jensen

Can I add to the DVD queue when on streaming only? I may switch between streaming and the 1 or 2 DVD at a time plans.


I think you should block kh99 as well. From what I was reading he seemed like the instigator.


@henryjoe - Why, for the one sentence I posted that only stated one simple fact? That's ridiculous and makes me think you may just be the latest Johnson1965Tony/Jolly/Osama incarnation.


And now he's starting with me. Mike please get rid of this guy to.


... and third post is again to ask Mike to ban someone that jolly last picked a fight with.


I don't know if it's a fact that kh99 stated that streaming pricing hasn't changed. If you're expecting to get 1 DVD at a time with streaming you will now be paying 60% more for that service.

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