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Anthony Hayes

Sí, Luis ... después me dejó en el altar, me enteré de su gemelo idéntico que usted pensó murió en un accidente de avión es, en realidad sigue vivo y llevar a mi bebé. Le afeitó el bigote! Espera un minuto, usted no es Luis! Usted es su hermano gemelo!

Frank Cirabisi

Call me crazy but when I first read this headline I was about to rejoin Netflix. Me and my other both imagined how amazing it would be to relive the days when my mom watch shows Like All My Children and General Hospital back when Luke and Laura first got together and Tad Martin tangled with Billy Clyde Tuggle.

I'm kinda sad that wasn't the announcement. Maybe this is something Netflix could do to reel in older customers.


I think from reading the news article on the Internet that this only pertains to the Latin American area that Netflix is entering. Maybe the Spanish speaking Americans might like it too -- but I don't it shows like All My Children. I think it pertains to the Spanish speaking community -- I think.

Anthony Hayes

This is about what is generally referred to as telenovelas. http://www.televisa.com/programas/telenovelas/ Telenovelas are to U.S. soap operas what Lucha Libre is to WWE.


So...this is why Netflix is charging us so much more money now? They're basically laughing at us.

Robert Emmerich

Isn't 3000 hours of Spanish soap operas about a weeks worth?

Agree with Frank that older US soap operas could be a big draw for the older crowd. Even just the early 80's Bo and Hope episodes, Luke and Laura "rape to wedding" run, would probably gain them a few subscribers. (Why is that info even in my brain?)


It's not clear from the article if Televisa content will be available in the U.S., or just in Latin America. I've been known to watch some of the Televisa Soaps on cable here in San Diego...


so wants to watch that crap

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