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Dani Baronofsky

Working fine for me on my wii.


First comment? :)

I came here to find out if there is an outage. I couldn't sign in on my xb360. Their website is SUUUUUUUUPER slow right now, and I can't even navigate it.

Thanks for the headsup


We were having some problems streaming last night. Now it doesn't work at all, and I can't even get the website to load.


Same here, doesn't work on my Logitech Review or my Android phone. Also same with the website as others have reported.

Ckeilah Facade

TOTAL failure on PS3 and Bravia TV. I *can* get some things to play, albeit with lots of jitter, on MacBook and iPwn, but we were all set for the next Doctor Who on the BIG SCREEN, not huddling around the tiny lap warmer. I wonder if NetFlix is being DDOS'ed or something....


working fine on wii.


Can't even log into Netflix site. keeps saying "The login information you entered does not match an account in our records"

Elen Sia

Kept getting password error, even though we logged in just fine earlier this afternoon. The website is also taking a very long time to load.

Mike Spilatro

it is down for me on my droid incredible but works fine on my mac


Down for me on Roku and iPhone.

Elizabeth Bennet

Haven't been able to get it on the PS3 for weeks and tonight, can't get it on AppleTV and can't log into Netflix from my laptop either.


It's working for me through a browser, but not through Windows Media Center


Spoke with customer service rep earlier this evening. They confirmed outage with sign and streaming services, although I was able to access the site via password reset link, I was unable to stream content via the website or my mobile device.

Rep stated the site had been experiencing issues since approximately 5:30 EST.

Ckeilah Facade

belay that! iPwn netflix also fails.

Benjamin Evans

Website barely working and xbox can't connect. at least glad it's not just me. I'm thankful for this website.


Same problems as everyone else here (no Roku, PC or iPad) and the website said the login information was wrong. I could login only after resetting my password.

Meta Lhaid

Out on our Xbox 360, on my iPhone & iPad, and can't bring it up on website as of 6:15pm PST. >:-/ What are we paying $10/month for??????

Shawn Powers

I have not been apple to access from my Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, or MacBook since around 6:30 PM...sucks was wanting to watch a movie.

James Ballard

Apple TV doesn't work at all. iPhone doesn't work at all. The Netflix support number is busy (866-716-0414). The website is very slow.


Yep, having the same problem here as well. No fun....... I was planning on watching some good old Stargate Atlantis tonight, and nothing...... It does help to know that I am not the only one, 8^)

I will try to post again as soon as I have something.........

Brian Robinson

So, in other words -- PERFECT timing to raise prices and limit people to just streaming.

Coincidence?? Somebody's making a statement, I think.

Eric Fry

I'm experiencing the same as everyone else! I can't even get on the website bc it can't log me in. It was working perfectly fine all day until about 6 o'clock. All my app for my devices says that the service is unavailable at this time and to try again later. Can't get anything on my laptop, iPad, or iPhone. I've tried several different numbers to call them and one line says they are experiencing higher than normal call volumes please try your call again later then hung up on me. No waiting for a rep or anything. The other two lines acted as if they didn't even work, or rather gave me a busy signal. Not cool. I want to watch Netflix!!


It seems to be working on my iMac but still can't get it to load on my Sharp. And it is super slow on my computer.
Sux major.

Kaye Eluna

Yes. Netflix isn't working for me either for my ps3 nor computer. The same keeps happening.

Ryan McHone

not working at all on vizio but getting my queue on LG Bluray, but nothing else. Seems to be working on that other wise. going to try my ipod next.


No access on XBox360 or iPhone, and I only managed to log into the website by resetting my password. I tried to log in again less than an hour later, and my account and password aren't recognized again. It's been down at least since 6:30.

Isaac Hummel

Streaming's down here. I get the same error message that's shown in the picture.

Dorothy Malm

Roku accessing everything else BUT Netflix tonight. I checked every connection - everything else fine, connection excellent.
It's Netflix. Again.

Tom Hall

It went out for me on my Roku about an hour or so ago. Can only log into web account by changing password, but then can't stream with the PC either. Phone number is buzy.
No notice on their website.
How lame of NetFlix - maybe they should rename themselves to NotFlix.

Ckeilah Facade

NitFlox is H4X0R3D! :-P


Still not working from iPhone or roku, but is for the Wii.

Jeff Van Epps

PS3 unable to connect. Although it was working 3 hours ago.


I've been watching Startrek all day on my Wii with no problem at all. I must of watched about 6 hours since this morning on/off with no issues.

Jeremy Kaplan

Not working on my Roku for the last two hours, so we've had to rely on DVDs (not Cable of course...).


Food for thought guys: http://hassonybeenhackedthisweek.com/
(Not saying this has anything to do with Netflix's current issue)

Davey Peacock

After upgrade both PS3 and TV unable to connect. PC streams fine.

Davey Peacock

Failure to provide services for payment rendered.


Our's down also. Watch thru panasonic blu ray and won't let us log in to acct on computer either. Haven't been a instant access customer very long. Does this happen often? Had acct about 2 months and first issue for us.

Maverick Sandoval

not working on xbox now, can just get queue. not even searching correctly, tried website but said didnt have my account in records

Pat Billone

Down on my Roku, Xbox 360, and Android.

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