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I've been streaming Star Trek on my PS3 for several hours today, but it doesn't show previews when navigating forwards and backwards through an episode.


Watching it on PC right now but it is not working on PS3.

Sure is a lot of down time with the streaming lately they better get that cleared up.

Nathan Hoover

Working fine on PC, not working on Roku. Not so good right after a 50% price increase announcement.


PS3- no
Laptop, Win 7- yes
PC, Win 7- yes
PC, XP- yes

Ellery Keller

web browser streaming works but Windows Media Center says my Netflix login credentials are not recognized... 2nd time in about a month.

Stephanie Renaud

I can't get it to work on my ipod 4gen but I can get it to work on my computer.

Tamara Mohr

Netflix is streaming on my PC and Wii but not on roku. All other Roku Channels Streaming okay.

Paw Fatty

Same here, not working on PS3 or ipad, service line is busy, wonder what's goin on. Going to keep trying to get through to customer service and ask for a pro rata reimbursement!

George Helms

I was just on the website, and it was working. I didn't try streaming to my pc, but it's not streaming on my roku player.


Working fine PC, website and wireless to my LG BD player. Sorry you guys are having so much trouble.

Raven A. Wind

Netflix has been screwy all day. No luck calling them, either.

Earlier today, I had a lot of trouble even logging in. I still can't log in through Windows Media Center.

Starz Live channel is also borked. Netflix is totally messed up, it seems.


Every time NetFlix streaming stops working I fear it's my ISP, but it always turns out to be NetFlix.

I doubt NetFlix has much reserve of good will with their customers right now. If they don't do something about these all-too-frequent outages, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a class action law suit.

And does anybody remember when NetFlix used to offer a discount after any kind of serious outage? I don't recall seeing one after the last couple of outages. Things, they are a-changin' at NetFlix.

Jack C

Not working here in Chicago through Roku for about 5 hours now. Can't get through to NOTflix (great new name suggested by earlier comment)except for a recording. Absolutely no information on the website about the problem or when it will be fixed. They have gone down several times before, but it's funny how their monthly billing never goes down -- and next month it's 60% higher!

Nic Peterson 9

Its down for my xbox, but I can see people on my friends list on netflix so it cant be down for everyone. Frustrating.

T. Jorgensen

Works just fine on the Wii but not on my Samsung HDTV or Blu-ray player.

T. Jorgensen

I wonder if it's working in Latin America?


someone tripped over the plug

Ckeilah Facade

Streaming is working again. This fiasco borked a planned evening of chilling out though, and replaced it with yet more technology thrashing.

Y'all know that Sony has announced that their new line of blu-ray playing PS3 will output HD *only* via DHCP DRM controlled HDMI, right? So when streaming goes out NTSC/PAL will be as high a resolution as you can watch on your old plasmas.

Time to go back to flip-books I guess. ;-P

Joe Siegler

It's still down for me on Monday morning as of about 10AM Central time on my TiVo. However, most of my other devices still work (Xbox 360, PC, iPad).


"Time to go back to flip-books I guess. ;-P"

Good idea. Most of the idiots on here having a spaz attack over technical difficulties need to start doing this. Does anyone have a life anymore? Jesus..


This is what they want us to pay 60% more for? This is the new scratched disc. How are they ever going to make streaming work in a 3rd world country when they can't even get it to work here?

Jarred Dawson

Everybody check your netflix! Why I say? Because they where down yesterday for a reason! why? they changed your ability to watch on more than one device if you have only streaming with one dvd @ a time! so only ONE TV CAN STREAM NOW!!! or computer or evo!!! Price hikes + less options = A modern day wallet rape!!! Check now and complain!!!


I don't think I've ever been able to stream on two devices at the same time.
Netflix sent an e-mail apologizing and offering a discount toward the $7.99 instant viewing charge. I have not changed my plan yet, so does this mean the plan will automatically adjust if I select to use the discount now, or just if I wait until after September 1.

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