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That is one hideous rendering. Perhaps it's a trick of perspective, but the upper lighter part looks like a prison, while the lower tan part looks like it's trying to be an Escher drawing.

Don't get me wrong; a real Escher building would be great, but not one that looks like it's jutting out of a prison.

Walter Underwood

I don't think this proposal is "in San Jose". I'm pretty sure it is in Los Gatos, since it is going to that city's council.

And this is the full proposal, with two buildings:


I'm not sure where you got the above rendering.

Raven A. Wind

I'm so glad Netflix is using the 60% rate increase to build themselves a fancy new HQ instead of something useful like more streaming movies.


I wonder if the distribution facilities where workers sort the DVDs are climate controlled.


That is a God awful looking building. For a forward looking company, that looks like a building for the County Water Board. OMG, is that ugly. Los Gatos should reject it on that ground alone - it DOES look like a minimum security prison ...

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