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Hopefully netflix streaming will be usable in jamaica when I am there this fall.


@ fearno1
i will be praying for you and your nexflix
in Jamaica venture..


@FearNo1 Even if Netflix streaming is usable in Jamaica when you go down there, that doesn't mean you will be able to stream because you will need a Netflix account that includes streaming to that region. For example, I am in the US and I tried activating my friend's X360 in Canada. It worked. She could see my instant queue, but she couldn't stream. We tried this after the dashboard update that made it possible to stream Netflix to X360 in Canada. When she got her own Canadian Netflix account, we tried to link my X360 to her account and I couldn't stream because you need a US account to stream to the US.


How about that Netflix stock? If you had bought back in April (when "Jolly" was predicting doom) and sold today, you could have made a 20% return in 3 months.

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