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Jeff Jones

I wouldn't be at all surprised if crooks were using Netflix to test stolen credit cards but I would be a month's worth of paychecks that it is not in the way Miss Mouthy thinks.

I am a fraud investigator for a large sporting goods company with a big online presence. I spend most of my time fighting web based credit card fraud and my five years of experience tells me that crooks do not behave this way at all. A crook who has your credit card is interested only in purchasing as much as possible before you or your bank kills the card. They might test a card with a small amount to Netflix just to make sure the card is valid but once they know it is they are going to hit it hard and hit it fast. They will order as much as they can as fast as they can until the card reaches the its limit or the card is cancelled. No credit card thief is going to have the patience to make small purchases in hope the card holder doesn't notice. The risk of having the card cancelled quickly is far too great.

Crooks just plain don't behave this way.

Jeff Jones

That should read "I would wager a months worth of paychecks"

Peggy Marino

This is exactly what happened to me in April. They use Netflix and a dating service to charge $1.00 that verifies the card is valid. After that came small but wacky charges, like Dominos Pizza in the UK (I'm in the US). It graduated up to charges close to $100 when I finally caught it.


How do they get netflix to charge a dollar?


I don't know if NetFlix is still using charges to verify cards. That's a pretty out-of-date practice. If it were actually NetFlix (and not someone fraudulently using their name) there would be a charge-back to refund the $1 charge.

Damian Burford

Absolutely they are. 15 years ago in my mischievous youth, people would throw their credit card receipts on the ground. I would pick up these receipts and they would have full credit card numbers, and full names. Take them home, pop open the phone book and BAM! Address.

We didn't have AOL then, but we did have AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy. We never did buy larger objects be we had tons and tons of AOL accounts for "Phreaking." Those were the days when AOL ruled the world and everyone had AOL. It would take months and months before an account got shut down. No one noticed.

Oh to be young and dumb....


I'm amazed people don't track their cards better than that. I check mine at least once a week and any charge I don't recognize gets researched.

To Gir, everyone still uses charges (holds actually) to verify cards. It's the only way to verify the card is still active. They can tell if it's a valid card but they have no way of confirming that the number matches the expiration date and that the account is still in good standing without doing a hold. Visa will not give out expiration dates even to the verified card holder since the date and number combo have been key to their security for ages/

Bob Ruub

My bank rang me at home (Au) when I used my CC on netflix so maybe they are no to this?


I doubt this is happening on a large scale.

And believe me, Ive had my share of an ID theft as well as probably a hald dozen fraudulent charges over the years.

The fraudulent charges are pretty easy except for throwing your card away, waiting for a new one and changing the account number on your billpay.

They sometimes send something for me to sign saying it wasnt my purchase but not always. Sometimes, they just know or take my word for it over the phone.

TJ Riordan

Interesting as I just had an issue with both Netflix and my debit card: I recently had my bank card reissued by ING (old one was falling apart). I then tried to update my billing information with Netflix and my card was rejected. After speaking to Netflix they blamed it on my bank. After calling my bank they said they were rejecting the charge due to security concerns. I called Netflix back, then said it's because their system checks a card for $0.00. My bank says they reject charges for less than $1.00 as a security precaution. Netflix said my only choice was to use a different card or PayPal until the "engineers" had solved the $0.00 charge.

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