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This also work on Asus Transformer tablet

Steve Irving

Motorola Droid D2G is also working now, although not on the list.

When this latest update was announced though there was a bit of a mixup on the Android Marketplace......the new version was announced, people were told their phones were compatible, but for a single day the OLD version of the app was still on download. ALthough the system said you were getting version 1.3, it was still feeding you version 1.22 (which in many cases didn't work, even though they said it would).

They figured it out the following day and got the correct version up on the system for download......

Now we can all run our phone's batteries down to 0% about 1/2 way though a movie .

I've got a multi-media cradle sitting on the desk in front of my computer's monitor so can watch Netflix on my phone while I'm wasting time on a variety of useless web content.

Walt D in LV

I am extremely upset that they've taken everything away from this app that dealt with regular DVD/Blu-ray Queues. It seems like it just happened with this update, though it could have been the previous one.

I am not, NOT interested in streaming movies, especially to the little screen on my Motorola Droid phone. Even on TV, the quality of video (and sound!) is just not there. I only wanted to have a little app that could help me add stuff to my Queue when I'm browsing the video store. Now that that's taken away, I guess they're telling me to rent from that same video store.

On one hand, I can't complain. The recent price decrease Netflix had (I went from $24 month 3 at-a-time Blu-ray, now only $20) means less service. They take away Friends, Named Reviews, and now this.

On the other hand, why is it that there are other Apps out there that do Netflix, though not as well as they did? Namely, Mobile Queue, Queue Manager, and when working, PhoneFlicks.

Account Deleted

Netflix is losing its charm, first the really low number of movies and now a really bad Android app with such a large number of Android phones available they need to make it universal for all phones....


Blame the movie studios/distributors dictating to netflix that DRM must be used on all the titles that they allow netflix to stream. Because that is what holds them up on getting the app out on devices faster. It would be nice however if it did both disc and instant watch stuff. But then I figure they figure all sorts o developers have already made quality apps and sites to manage our queues etc and quality ones at that so there really isn't a need for an official one that does the same stuff. So it makes sense to keep focus on it being like a netflix ready device with doing streaming well.

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