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I don't see that The Fighter is available for streaming. Anyone else not able to stream it?


The Fighter actually starts streaming tomorrow Zvs1


i see that it is on the site but you cant put it into the instant que.


The Netflix page says The Fighter is streaming starting 7/13 (today). But it's not enabled for streaming. Perhaps this is one of the Sony movies through StarzPlay that has been "temporarily" removed? (In spite of it being listed in http://blog.netflix.com/2011/06/temporary-removal-of-sony-movies.html.)


Nope. The Fighter is distributed by Paramount, so it's part of the Epix deal...

Anthony Hayes

Mamby got the flu?

It's up. You can go stream Amy Adams' butt now. Ka-ching!


Too bad it will now cost up to 60% more to see it via streaming!

DVD only plan - here i come. NF will actually LOOSE money on me as I change plans next month.

Aaron Meilich

I checked out instantstreamer...only 8 new titles in HD for 2011 (actually 8 old titles)
The DVD plan is starting to look more and more attractive.
Take some profit and invest in the future!


Sunday evening & NF not working on Roku all day....

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