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Yeah, it sucks (unless you only want or the other), but with their turnaround times it's still a good deal.

Russell Brazil

Im likely to downgrade to a streaming only plan, and get my DVD fix from Red Box.


What I'd like to be able to do (not sure if they are offering it) is to pair the unlimited streaming plan with the 2/month dvd plan.

Russ Jackson

I think honestly what I will do is go to the 3 out at a time $15.99 plan, rather than the streaming + 1 I'm currently on. I'd rather have the streaming option, but I think you end up with more content that you actually want to watch on the DVD plan. 7.99 / mo extra for streaming isn't worth it to me in comparison - I can't watch enough to justify it.


Ideally, I'm going to watch as much of the HD Instant content before September (since the SD content is often in incorrect aspect ratios or framerates), then go DVD-only for a few months, then probably streaming for a month if I see anything good on instantwatcher.com, then back to DVD. I don't know if they'll allow this, but I'm honestly not that impressed with the Instant selection now that I've seen most of the good stuff.

Johnny Utah

I'm staying with the 1DVD + Streaming, even after the price hike. Still a great deal, especially with lots of 5.1 and HD coming through the PS3 lately. Plus, the PS3 menus are even better than the website now!

Still the best service around, so it would be hard to quit.


Moving to 2 out unlimited blu-ray plan, and dropping streaming like a bad habit. I NEVER used streaming. Extremely happy to get rid of paying for it.


Ironically, a few months ago I was clamoring for a disc only plan, but like Johnny Utah, I recently discovered the 5.1 HD content available through my PS3, which I use for content not available on Blu-ray. Also my kids started watching all the time, so oh well.


A poll on the street shows that 50% of Netflix subscribers will quit out of over 1,200 respondents.


Those 50% on the street are lying. You'll usually see the most upset people go online to voice their frustrations. I predict there will be hardly any cancellations. Sure, some will change their plan, maybe get rid of dvds or streaming, but very few will cancel. Still the best service out there and Netflix knows it, they aren't stupid, they know people will stick around also.


If they still follow their logic of 1 free stream + 1 stream per DVD allowed out, then we'll be forced to "upgrade" to the $23.98 combination plan to maintain our 4 simultaneous stream requirement (2 kids watching something different, 1 exercise bike stream, 1 TV room stream).


I'm switching to a Blu-ray/DVD-only, non-streaming plan. I pick quality over convenience, thanks.


After these changes I'd like to see the option for individual instant watch within the account.

Also, I might consider getting my BR/DVD fix from redbox as well. I'm not sure I get $8 worth of dvds from netflix.


I meant to say "individual instant queues"


This sucks! My prices are going up to almost twice as much!

However, I will stay with the combined plan for now, as I have to get DVDs since I watch a lot of smaller/foreign/indie/older movies that they don't have on streaming yet and I'm picky, and I also have many movies I want to see available on streaming that I don't want to have to wait for if I'm in the mood for watching. Rather than worrying about a 2 or 3 at a time DVD plan to get more movies, I'll just stick with 1 at a time DVD (to get the movies that streaming doesn't have) and streaming too.

That said, I hope this turns out to be a horrid PR move for them and they roll back the prices. 9.99 was too good to stay around, but they still should have some kind of combined deal for, say, 12.99 or 13.99.

Brad F

For now, I'll switch to disc only. I just haven't used streaming enough to justify $8 every month. I may alternate between disc and streaming some months. Since Netflix isn't offering even a single penny discount for having both plans, they should allow you to start and stop the disc and streaming plans independent of each other. In order to do that, I may have to register a second account for streaming, so I can activate that one just when I want to.

My real hope, and I presume Netflix's, is that the streaming content will continue to improve to the point where I don't need discs any more. It's nowhere near that point yet, though.

Donald Walter

Not sure how this will effect the other plans. Im on the 2 disc + Blu support. I agree with Willy up above, Quality comes first for me. And to be honest i havent been that satisfied with the streaming quality, plus its still not available for my Android phone.
Ive been with netflix since the beginning and swallowed every pricing increase but if it effects my plan again im going disc only and will stream from my Amazon prime account.


This is a PR nightmare for Netflix. 4,740 negative comments on their facebook. 2,000 negative comments on blog. Over 50% on the street poll say they will quit Netflix.


I will stick with 3 out at a time with streaming as I currently use both a lot.

I just realized I was paying 15.99 for showtime a month which I only use for Dexter. Tomorrow the fighter is on netflix streaming and mad men later this month. 23 bucks for 3 dvds and streaming works for me.


August 31st has been officially renamed Boycott Netflix Day


Yes -- I am willing to shell out more for both services. (12.05% / 184 votes)

No -- I will just subscribe to one of the two. (39.58% / 604 votes)

No -- I will cancel my membership alltogether. (48.36% / 738 votes)

1529 voters


I'm already on the $7.99 streaming plan, so no change for me. We were on streaming plus one DVD for a while, but just weren't watching enough DVDs to make it worthwhile. Our kids actually watch more than us, and there's plenty of kids programming available to stream, so I'm happy with what I have. Although what I would really like is a plan that allowed streaming everything in Netflix's library, including everything that is currently only on DVD. I would pay more for a plan that could do that.


What's interesting about the new plans is that they are making the biggest changes at the low end. If you were on the 1 disc + streaming plan it's the biggest change. For me, I was on the 3 disc out + streaming option and the change is negligible. What they seem to be really doing, is trying to bring the base price for streaming + disc access accounts up to a base level (of about $16). They DO give you a discount above that level.

Donna Hurst

Unless the pricing for the 3 Out plan goes up, that's what I'll stay with. I don't use streaming, and don't see a time where I will.

Donald Walter

haha boycott netflix day, it should be the opposite though. Plan a nation wide watch as many streaming videos you can for 10 minutes so netflix would have to pay all the royalties day.

Boycotting only put money in their pocket (our monthly payment) without them having to spend a dime on any content.


What are you talking about the 3out +streaming is going up $8. How's that negligable the price was $15.99 now it's $23.98

Lon Seidman

Yikes what a bad increase. I think I am going to go streaming only and do my DVDs through Redbox.. I so rarely watch my 1 out at a time plan as it is.


They now want you to pay at least $.52 a day to not watch the crap they are signing deals for.


What if we have a report your dvd missing day and don't return it. If you report one or two missing they don't fine you. I've had DVDs stolen by someone who lives in my apartment complex or the mailman himself a few times. I've reported then without incident, and they just send a new copy...


First, Netflix subscribers put up with a price increase of almost 18%. For their loyalty, customers received more defective discs, decreased availability, less bonus disc compensation and terrible new releases. I can't blame Hollywood's sorry excuse for new movies on Netflix but it does effect the overall worth of a Netflix subscription.

The recent Netflix price and plan change is a textbook example of why competition is critical to the success of the free enterprise system, which in turn provides consumer value and satisfaction. As the Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores dry up, Netflix has acquired control of the market which may one day approach monopolistic levels. This permits the attempt by the company to hold their customers as hostages. However, it also provides the perfect opportunity for someone with enterprising resolve to come up with an alternative to Netflix. Here's to Amazon, Redbox and all others who will start to give Netflix a run for their money....and ours.

John Doen

Expecting NETFLIX to continue subsidizing Unlimited Streaming for FREE when you have a DVD plan is unrealistic.

If you want Streaming, pay for it.


How about just expecting what was agreed on when signing up for the service.

Jessica County

If the streaming option had enough variety I would not mind. Most of the shows and movies I want to watch are not available streaming. The DVD-streaming combination is perfect. The price hike is just huge,we would have to pay double for what we have now. No way.
This is just a way to ask me to quit, and in fact, I will quit Netflix by September 2011. Bye bye Netflix. Welcome back cable (at least cable is up to date). I can use Clicker for streaming, or even use my Amazon Prime account to watch tons of shows.

Nice try though Netflix. You won't be getting my money anymore.

Jessica County

I am trying to call them and let them know, but their line is not working...

I wonder if it is because customers are making the line busy by giving them a call to express their disappointment.

I hope they are. I know I will once it works.

Arik Klingensmith

If I have to pay for streaming then the quality better be flawless! All the time! And their available titles needs to increase dramatically.


Isn't this the second price hike in a 1 year?

I've been getting tired of waiting a month for new releases when I see them everyday at the ubiquitous Redboxs. Lately I've been renting more and more at Redbox. My streaming queue is filled with I'll-watch-it-when-there's-nothing-else-on movies. Same goes for my DVD queue (other than the new releases.) This might be the proverbial straw for me.


Well Shite!!!

I am too happy with my current plan (2 Discs/time) to change. According to the Powers That Be, this will cost me $19.99 starting Sept. 1. I guess we'll call this a $5/mo price hike. 25% cost increase!? Sucko.

Brad Galloway

Will device limit increase by 25%? I think for the money, more devices should be streamed on at the same time....

Nathan Hoover

I'm streaming and watching 1 bluray at a time, so my $12 plan turns into $18. Much as I like the blurays, I will likely scale back to streaming only.

I would've stuck with it if the announcement included something else to justify the 50% increase. I am looking for 1080 streaming, special features streamed, etc. All that seems to have stalled making me much less likely to agree to a large price increase.

Jessica County

Also, the quality problems with streaming are horrible. Some days it won't even work for hours (when people come back from work, right when they would love to relax and watch some nice show).

On a side note, cable and satellite companies now give you streaming for free with their monthly plan. The streaming is live TV and on demand...so I don't see a problem with that(except that I am not sure you can use that with Roku or Apple TV). Combined with Clicker or Amazon Prime like I mentioned earlier, it would be nice.

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