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Raven A. Wind

The Netflix blog hit the 5000-comment limit, and 99.5% of those comments are angry, "I'm going to cancel" comments.

The Netflix page on Facebook is hovering at 30,000 comments, 97% of which are angry "I'm going to cancel" comments, but there's also evidence that Netflix is deleting comments pretty quickly, too.

This was a bad move. Bad PR. Bad for their customers who were at the lowest tier (and who were probably there because they didn't have much money to budget toward entertainment in the first place) and bad for the stockholders.

They really should have made a bundle that lets people have unlimited streaming and two DVDs per month for $10 -- There are just so many titles that aren't on streaming, it's hardly fair to charge full price for a crippled service.

Tracy Winchester

I'm considering two options:

1. Cancel and go with BlockBuster Online. They offer Games with BluRay Rentals for 11.99 and I do more gaming than streaming anyway.

2. Since I hardly use streaming and the selection isn't that good. I might just go down to the DVD/BluRay only plan.


Marcus, I think we all need to rethink brick/mortar stores. The few BB stores open will do a little better. To late for new stores to open I guess. If not for Netflix, many would still be around.

I think DVD's are going to be needed for a while because of the studios wanting a premium for first run streaming. They are getting a new life as the studios raise prices or hold back on the streaming.

It is not all Neflix's fault, but it doesn't really matter. It is about the cost of entertainment compared to the value.


Dumped streaming.. never use it and even then why continue to pay twice for older content. This would make sense if they were actually offering something new in addition to the increase but they're offering squat. It's funny how everyone complained the cable companies nickled and dimed you. Guess Netflix is going to start following their business model.


@Frank, I wish I still had a B&R in my area. Netflix doesn't cut it if you need it NOW. Redbox is great if it's a new release but sucks if you're trying to get something obscure. Actually, if there were a B&R in my area, it would make quitting Netflix even easier.

Oh, and add to my list of dissatisfactions: Long wait times for new releases if you don't get them when they first come out.


I'm on the 6-out with blu-ray and unlimited streaming plan. My price is going from $48.99/mo to $47.98/mo, so I'll be saving $1.01/mo.

I am hoping that by having DVDs be under a separate management team from the streaming, maybe they will start filling in some of their holes, such as getting the blu-rays of titles for which blu-ray discs are available.

Shaon Williams

@Frank, To justify the cost of going with a Blu-Ray plan I would have to get 6 Blu-Ray a month to equal the cost of redbox rentals of Blu-Ray at 1.50 a day. Not to mention with RedBox I do not HAVE to do 6. I have 2 redbox kiosks within 1 mile of my house

david v

netflix streaming only + blockbuster online by mail.

i'll believe netflix has a renewed focus on DVD by mail when they start buying catalog blu ray titles again. in the meantime, i'm going to switch to BB & take advantage of the in-store exchanges for only $2 more a month than my NF by mail + streaming will now cost. if they do improve, i'll be willing to switch back to NF.

also, i like the convince of streaming, but for $7.99 a month, i'm really going to want to see more quality titles. with the entire criterion catalog, maybe i'll see what else hulu has to offer.


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Walt D in LV

Since I don't Stream movies at all, I'll eliminate that pricing from my plan and save a few dollars every month. If ever I need to Stream, I'll just turn it on again.

Netflix has been taking away services (Friends, Reviews, etc.) so it's nice to know that they're charging us less.
Less Service SHOULD equal Less Money, and in this case, it does.

Walt D in LV


I'm going elsewhere unless I hear about better streaming... watching instantly is nothing to write home about, the selection is pretty substandard. My library local library has a nice collection though and its free.


Shoan, I don't consider Redbox to be an alternative to Netflix, their selection is terrible, I think for most everyone, but more so for what I normally watch. For me the medium doesn't matter, the actual show or movie does. What would it cost you to watch what you want to watch if you were not using Netflix? That is the question especially in the HD you may want(I don't care about HD myself).

Not trying to stick up for Netflix, the answer will often not be them, and even for me it might be at least all the time.

Jeff Imes

I don't understand how Netflix thought that they'd make any money from this. If the poll numbers here are anywhere near to accurate, and even if you remove the "Quit" option, Netflix's current gain is a measly 3% increase.

However, every percentage point in the "Quit" button digs into that 3%. Right now, Netflix is looking at a 30% drop in revenue because of this action.

But what do I know -- Wall Street is cheering the news, as NFLX is up....hmmm, 3%. How coincidental....


Hey somebody has to pay in order for Reed Hastings to be able to keep selling his stocks and lining his pockets with his $1.5 million each and every month. What do you expect him to starve?


All this angst is silly. Even at $15.98 or the $23.98 we currently pay, it is a quarter of the price of the last cable and satellite plans we had. And we aren't paying for dozens of channels we don't watch. The low price of streaming til now has been a treat but when you see item after item in the news where companies are trying to limit Netflix access to their products the only way forward with diverse offerings is going to be paying more to license the streaming content. As I watch Criterion and Showtime content expire off the streaming content and hear rumors that Starz won't renew their deal, I am glad Netflix is laying the groundwork to be able to pay more for content...I would not want to see streaming return to the b-movie wasteland it was when it first started (and still is on various other streaming sites). All in all when I look at my monthly bills, Netflix is one of the ones I never mind paying, where I feel that I am absolutely getting my money's worth!


What you are getting now is half a cable bill with a quarter of the content which is a year old!


At a 50% price hike I understand the anger, but I still think it's worth the price. That said I will be dropping to streaming only for a while to see how much I miss the DVD service. REDBOX doesn't stock a lot of the items I'm interested in seeing so I may end up returning or (wait for it!) illegally download the titles I want to see.


I bumped mine up to 4 dvd at a time, NO STREAMING!

Thank YOU netflix, for not making me pay for something I can't use.

And the rest of you crybabies can eat it!


G-R-E-E-D will wipe netfix out

Robin Mcmurray

I am glad that QuadraQ mentioned the discounts. My family is clearly in the minority: we don't have cable/satellite, so we only get a few over the air TV channels (major networks) - instead, we have NETFLIX streaming/8-dvd-a-month plan. Most of us don't mind watching TV that's a season old and are already paying a lot less than our neighbors who have basic cable. For us, the price of our plan is going DOWN, so we're psyched!! Our plan is currently $55.99 and will change to $51.98. Also, with the new higher limit on NETFLIX streaming devices (we already have about 14/15 devices and that will probably increase as we get Smartphones and Tablets in the future), we are really happy with NETFLIX in our home. The only change we might make would be to add HULU PLUS, so that some family members can have the current seasons of their favorite Network/Cable TV shows.


@Robin Mcmurray so basically your paying the same price as cable just getting older content in all of it's lesser quality streaming glory?

Debbie Rustin

am i the only one who thinks netflix streaming sucks? ill keep the 1 dvd plan untill im finished with the series im watching then its back to redbox!

Mary Ratliff

Since it was a $5 rate hike I couldn't afford, I reduced my plan to 1 dvd at a time and streaming. I don't rent new releases, it's not what I have Netflix for. I have 350 things in my queue that aren't even available for streaming, and then 150 that are (and that of course only counts TV shows as one item). I use both equally.

I'm very upset with Netflix for how they did this. Every other company in the world offers bundled services at a discount. I'm fine with them splitting up the services and offering all the different plans. But having streaming + DVDs should not cost the exact same as the sum of the streaming plan and the dvd plan. Knock a couple bucks off (not a ton, just $2 or something) and half of the upset customers wouldn't be mad anymore. Not to mention that if they had raised the prices more slowly it wouldn't have been as much anger either.

I understand you have to pay for the services you use. I'm just really disappointed that Netflix handled it so poorly customer-service wise. I had spoken so highly of them in the past, and I had hoped they would be more customer oriented in the future as well.

With my budget and the fact that the economy still sucks no matter what anybody says, I can't really change what I put into Netflix. I didn't want to reduce my plan, but I can't change what I pay. This is a bad time to make people reconsider the amount they pay for luxuries and entertainment, and Netflix just made everybody look at that line on their budget and give it more thought than they probably have in years. A large number of those people are going to reduce their plans or quit altogether. It may not end up being a net loss for them, but it will slow their growth and subscription rates for a considerable amount of time.


yes..this is a sudden, steep price increase. But folks...think about it. Blockbuster (what's left of them) and other movie rental companies are charging arms and legs for movies. Red box, yes they charge only $1 a movie/$1 a night is great for the casual watcher or kids having a sleepover or I can't wait any longer to watch it crowd-they do NOT have the extensive library netflix has. They don't offer entire seasons of tv shows, obscure hard to find titles, titles that are 2-3 years old (or older) that you never got around to watching but now wish you could. Comcast and other cable companies charge $2.99-$4.99 (Or more) to watch movies on pay per view or on demand-watch. $23.98 a month before tax for unlimited disks and streaming (are you too lazy to walk to your mail box?) is the better deal. $4.99 per new release from my cable company-5 movies and bam I just paid $24.95. Even with the price increase from Netflix-they are still cheaper. Does your cable company let you access 14,000+ titles? Granted, you will have to wait for the physical disk in many cases but does your cable company have that many titles? Are you too lazy to walk to your mail box or wait two-three days? Does your cable company have entire seasons of tv shows that have been off the air for a decade or longer at your finger tips? Mine sure doesn't.


Common people Netflix needs to raise cash so they can license content in South America. Who else is going to pay for it? Just take the screw job. Take it who cares that your own economy is in the crapper.


At least Greed Hastings is still making his $1.5 million a week


I have Amazon free from the free shipping program. They have pretty weak content if you ask me. Also I have HULU and Netflix though my PS3 but not Amazon. Anyway Netflix streaming is also pretty limited. From their announcements you learn the following: the dvd is far from dead, many people cant or wont do streaming. Most have no technical knowledge to make it work. People here know but the average citizen knows little more than email if that. Also the content from Netflix streaming is not there.


Netflix Customers Offered Blockbuster Total Access With New Everyday Pricing and Free 30-Day Trial With Proof of Netflix Account

They don't have 28 day delay either


I realized something the other night as I was panicking at the idea of quitting NF... I'll survive. It dawned on my that my attitude used to be "Hey, you up for a movie? Let's go to BB/HV and find something." Now it's "Oh crap, we've had this movie for over a week...we need to watch it now!" or "I've got to get this movie back quick or I'll miss [insert 28 days delayed new release here] and have to wait [insert # of weeks here] to get it!"

I've been letting my movie habits control me rather than the other way around. Besides, I still have DirecTv, Redbox, and the internet. So it's not like I couldn't find something on the hundreds of channels I have on satellite or go to Redbox or (hey, wow) read a book. Seriously, now that I think about it, I might actually thank NF for helping me kick the habit.

Robin Mcmurray

@Johnson1965Tony: I totally understand your point - and as I said before, I realize that we are in the minority. The main reason we are with Netflix is bc of the discs: we spent years living abroad and we LIKE being able to get older TV shows and movies; we also really like all of the British, Canadian and Australian shows; in addition, there are a lot of Anime movies and shows as well as documentaries and foreign films that we haven't been able to find through other services. I think that a year from now, dvd and hi-quality streaming will have sorted itself out a bit and hopefully that will mean that prices go down across the board. We will see...


Been on 3 + streaming for a long time and my price is barely going up so it doesn't bother me. I still don't get why everyone has their panties in a bunch over this either. No one complains much about shelling out big bucks for their phones and most people pay for cable like its no big deal. Those are the things that add up and really eat away at your bank account. As a cord cutter, Netflix is a tremendous value for me and my kids and at $24 a month, I won't complain!


I haven't decided what to do yet. I watch streaming more than anything, but the selection is not the greatest. There is enough to keep me busy for a while though, so I will probably go to streaming only.

I would be willing to pay double if more DVDs were added to the plan, three-at-a-time plus streaming, for $15 or $20...but one-at-a-time for $16 is crazy.


I'll probably keep the $16 plan because when they don't have the movie I want to stream, I want the dvd version and to date, Redbox cannot compete with Netflix's entire library. The nearest Blockbuster to me closed down and since I don't own a car, I'd have to go very out of my way to really utilize a blockbuster plan.

I would go streaming only, if their streaming library were of the same caliber as their dvd library but it isn't yet.

I think they should have waited on this plan change until the streaming library was actually up to par with the dvd library.

I can't help but ask if this is a sign that Netflix is turning into the next Blockbuster, you know, screwing the customers, abusing their loyal subscribers and eventually pushing people into the hands of the competition.

Greg Taylor

So what are we going to get in return for this increase in price???

I have been a netflix 4 at a time subscriber for 12 years, and service has gotten worse as prices have increased over the years.

My biggest complaint is in the lack of availability for new release movies on DVD. Most movies at the top of my queue sit there for weeks and even months indicating "long wait".

It has gotten so bad that I often end up deleting them from my queue and going to redbox to get them.

I have not decided what to do yet. I'm definitely not staying with the 4 at a time plan. I may drop to 3 or 2 at a time plus streaming. Or I may go with streaming only and use redbox for new release DVD's that are never available for streaming.

I will stay with netflix for now but they better improve their service, offering more new releases via streaming and increase their DVD stock so we can actually get the movies we want.

Such a large price increase is a bad move!

If they want to make a good move, they need to find a way to stream a la carte live TV from stations like Disney, History channel, Discovery, etc. for those of us who have cut the cable. If they did that at a reasonable price they would be back in my good graces...

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