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Robert Entenman

Am I in some magical third group here? I was spending $19.99 a month on 3 out + Streaming, and now it bumps to $23.48 in September. I'm fine with this: My family and I usually watch DVD's, and when not I stream via the Xbox 360 or the Apple TV. We have an iPad, and an iPhone 4 between us but I've only fired up streaming on those devices for testing.

Am I the only one who is fine with the price increase? Value-for-dollar is still huge even with the new rates.

Jessica County

In your case that's not a big increase. With my current plan, I would have to pay double though. If I wanted to pay more than $20, then, like I said, I would just go for cable and get free live TV streaming and on demand without any limit on the number of devices (as far as I know)

Again, many websites do stream many of the same shows legally.

So yeah your price increase is not that bad, but mine is.

Kevin Lee

I'm dumping the DVD's and going streaming only. If there is something I want to rent, I'll get it from Redbox.


I'm with you, Robert. I am fine with the new price for the 3 out + streaming. It's only a $4 price hike. That is still an incredible bargain. I mean, it costs more than $4 to go to the theater once in gas alone! Let's consider this: $24.00 + tax = $26 for a month of all the films I can watch? Wow! I don't care if I don't get a new film as soon as it is released either because there are tons of other films and tv series to watch in the meantime.

So yes...it's a great value and I am sticking with Netflix. I am VERY happy to hear they are not abandoning DVDs.

Large Johnson

The 3-out at a time price stays the same if you just drop streaming (what I think people were originally trying to point out). On the flip side, amazon is now offering a year of unlimited streaming and prime for $39 (need to find someone with .edu address - not difficult). If their selection is even decent, as I have yet to check, I'm going that route.


I am not a happy camper. 20% price hike.

I expected higher rates. Never dreamed it would this much this quick.

Redbox & Blockbuster Express will be getting a lot more of my business.

I suspect I will go with unlimited straming every other month. Im currently on the 3 at a time plan.

Vote with your wallet folks !

Netflix is drunk on their stock price.

Taking value away instead of adding it.

And a 15 minute wait to talk to a rep & no email address.


Over the past 2 years I have become increasingly annoyed with Netflix.

I started with 4 disks at a time, but since they have started getting new titles 30 days after release, offer new blurays at a trickle, only offer subtitles & 5.1 and HD on a limited basis, I am now down to 1 disk at a time. I will be ending that when the rates go up.

As soon as there are better alternatives to their streaming service, hulu + is a great start, Amazon will be offering streaming to all eventually,I am dropping Netflix at the 1st opportunity.

Richard Humphreys

Here's my question... I stream on multiple devices, and the number of streams I could run simultaneously was equal to the number of discs I had out. I was on a two-out plan just to be safe in case a roommate decided to watch something at the same time as me.

So now that they're untying the discs from streaming, does that mean there's no longer a limit to the number of streams I can run?

Or would it be cheaper to have two $7.99 streaming plans rather than my new $20 plan?


I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm surely going to downgrade.

I have been grandfathered at 4 at a time at the 'normal' 3 at a time price, since I have been a customer that long.

My "combined" plan will go up to $29.98 a month after Sept 1.. So I've got about 2 months (due to my billing date) to figure out which one I'm going to do.

Might do down to 2 DVDs at a time and turn on/off streaming for a month at a time or something. I'll look at the various prices and figure something out.


I am seriously thinking of going streaming only for a while (which is what I voted). The primary reason for this is STAR TREK. 4 of the 5 live-action series are on streaming right now, and for at least the next two years; Deep Space Nine is coming in October. I can get my Trek fix through Netflix (hey that rhymes :-) ) and check out recent hit movies via Redbox.


I'm not going to choose just streaming or just DVDs. I started online renting to get as big and as varied a selection as I can get--I don't care about new popular releases like the "oh I heard that was good" Redbox crowd--and I like DVD quality over streaming quality when I can get it, especially for visually rich content. I might drop from two discs out to one disc out though. I watch and mail stuff off pretty quickly.


Streaming only for me but I think the price increase sucks.


I just downgraded from my original 3 out with unlimited streaming + blu ray plan to 2 out with unlimited streaming + blu ray. It will save me about $5/month. It wasn't just the price hike, I'm just not watching three movies a week like I used to, so I haven't been getting my money's worth anyway. But the price hike was the last straw.

Robert Emmerich

I've just read almost all 160 comments on the last 3 articles and didn't see anybody mention this so I will:

$7.99 for streaming seems ok (same as Hulu Plus)
$7.99 for 1 disc/month seems ok
And if Netflix wants to price them separately to get people who ONLY WANT 1 or the other, well that's fine too. People don't like paying for what they don't want.

BUT if I order both shouldn't there be a couple of $ discount? That's the way the entire free enterprise capitalistic system works. Tell me how much each is separately and then tell me my multi-package discount.
$7.99 = $7.99 = $15.98 so I pay $13.98 for signing up for both. Simple. I think the vulgar among you might refer to that as a reach around, but it's better than nothing. Right now NF is offering nothing, they deserve the backlash.


I was thinking about going with DVD only since I have already have Amazon Prime for my streaming needs. Surprised more people haven't mentioned this.

Lora Singleton

Still waiting for some information about simultaneous streaming. I'm on the 3-out plan solely so I could have 3 simultaneous devices. They seem to have basically separated the streaming + disc plans now, so is the $7.99 streaming plan just one device, no matter how many discs I'm getting?

Their Help page is still showing the number of streams being linked to the number of discs, but it may not be updated yet.

If I only get one stream anyway then I'll drop back to one or two discs and I guess my family would have to buy multiple streaming plans.

I don't object to the price increase much - especially if it results in better streaming selection - but I wish they were clearer about the changes.


You can stream to up to 50 devices with the the streaming only plan, right now I stream to five devices on the one-DVD-out plan.


eh ill probably just drop the dvds and torrent the newer movies.

I use instant streaming daily. dvd movies arent that big a deal. I can get them other ways.

Nolan Butcher

I will be quitting for one month in protest.

I really love my Netflix, and will probably go through some withdrawals, but I think one month is an attainable goal. What I'd REALLY like to see is for a large percentage of users do the same thing for one month. Imagine 60% of netflix users dropping service for a month. I'd say that would be quite a wakeup call.


I think this so far might be the greatest day in Redbox's history cause they are going to get some business from the unhappy Netflix customers.

I'm on 1 DVD plan, going to drop the DVD plan and go streaming only. I have 6 redboxes within 2 miles of me, an actual brick and mortar Blockbuster 1 mile away plus the county library. Just going to make my dvd rentals in person.

I would bet a lot of people claiming in that poll that they are going to quit never will. Just knee jerk reaction for now.


Y'know, what really pisses me off about this is they have the gall to be charging the same price for the 1 DVD as when they started. The costs have to be way down, they've been spending money left and right on streaming rights.

How are they justifying going from 2$ for DVDs to 8$ ? I want an explanation for what all this new money is going to. How are they going to improve my DVD service?

I would be absolutely fine with a price increase if they explained what the money is being used for. All I see right now is a money grab.

If they think I'm going to take a 60% price increase for the streaming service that has been consistently GETTING WORSE just so they can pay even more ridiculous sums to Hollywood for streaming rights of the sub-par shit they shovel out nowadays then they have another thing coming to them.

September is Netflix Boycott month.


Overall, Netflix is still a great bargain, and I realize price hikes are inevitable from time to time. I'm currently on the 3 DVD plan, and I will be switching to the 2 DVD plan to stay at the same price point. The price hike wouldn't be quite so painful if NF's streaming library were better stocked. My main area of concern is streaming windows. I have 33 titles in my streaming "saved" queue that used to be available for streaming, but are no longer available.

Lee Jamilkowski

For the poll, I chose "Go with another NetFlix plan." Although, truthly, I'm taking a wait and see approach. I may drop down to one-disc out (from two) and possibly drop Blu Ray.

Funny, I always thought of streaming as the bonus to having the discs out, not the other way around.

Bloody Stupid

Since streaming is missing all the features, subtitles, etc. probably go back to the new higher DVD only price.

But they better improve DVD availability for the higher price. I still have items in my queue going on 6+ years with no idea when or if Netflix will ever get more then one copy, or perhaps buy a new disc for the title.

Also remember Amazon Prime videos are only $79 per year which works out to be cheaper then Netflix's streaming only plan.


I was getting ready to quit just for the fact that I have 96 dvds under the "saved dvds" section that they took away and will never get back.

See ya Netflix, don't let the door hit ya....


The price for me actually goes down.

To $51.98 from $55.99 currently.

No complaints here ^^.


I will quit for sure.


I'd really like to just stick with a DVD/Blu-ray plan but Netflix just doesn't seem to give a crap about it's library anymore. They don't even bother getting many of the TV shows (new releases of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Spin City, etc. come to mind but I've noticed many others). Honestly, I may just have to switch to Blockbuster Online for DVD/Blu-ray.. plus it's one set price. I don't have to pay more for Blu-Ray access. Netflix has just becomes WAY too streaming focused.. which I sort of understand, but a lot of people still want their DVD's/Blu-Ray's in the mail and this price/plan change just doesn't make sense if you're wanting the discs. Compare their Releasing This Week page a few years ago to now. It's a JOKE now compared to what it used to be.

Tea Howard

On August 31st, we will go into Vacation mode. We will only turn our account back on when we have enough time to watch enough programing to justify the expense. With school starting again in the fall and everyone being busy, I suspect it won't get turned back on until thanksgiving weekend.


I think I will switch to streaming only for a few months. There really are not that many DVDs I want to watch now. I think netflix has made a big mistake jacking up the price by 60% for the 1 DVD and streaming plan. They should have increased it by $2-$3. There would have been far less of an outrage.


NF upped their prices in January.

Now this -- MAJOR increase? Their frequent prices increases are getting as bad as the cable company, but the cable company only increases a couple of $$$ at a time.

I guess WE are paying for NF's expansions into other countries.

Noticed the NF Blog is filled to capacity (5000) and can accept no more comments. I hope they are getting an earful.

Jonathan Trillo

Wow that's a big increase. I'll certainly be dropping down from 2 dvd's out to 1.

Pat Billone

I just read about the increase in the paper this morning. I have been with netflix for over 10 years and we have been getting a nice deal. This increase works for people who do lots of dvd and streaming while many posts note a favoritism to one or the other. My family does more streaming than anything else so sticking with that works for me. I can't justify the price for 1 dvd at a time though. In a working family with 2 kids, my wife and I are lucky if we can sit down to watch a rented dvd once per month. It would be nice if they offered a rental per dvd charge at $3 or $4. That way, I may get charged that price for a movie but only get charged again when we get another dvd which could be 2 weeks or 6 weeks down the road. Until then, Redbox will be a better option for me to rent movies.

Terri Coop

I'm going to drop to streaming only for the time being. I maintain an account for someone who is homebound and change would be hard on him.

In the meantime I will be exploring other options for myself and hopefully bagging NF altogether within the year.

It's the arrogance and the lying. They need to fund foreign expansion and some $2.2 billion in off-the-balance sheet commitments coming up. They don't currently have the cash to do that.

They fob this increase off not as a legitimate cost of doing business in a Web 2.0 environment, but as a price decrease that is actually good for me.

They throw their customer service people to the wolves without telling them exactly what is coming, just that an "announcement" is coming on Monday that will generate "unprecedented call volume" showing they knew their customers would be enraged, but didn't care at all.

Not one big money Netflix exec has the stones to come into the social world and defend the company's actions. They are shielding themselves behind a wall of minimum wage phone reps.

Oh yeah, the CEO is quoted as saying Americans are too "self-absorbed" to notice what is going on with foreign expansion and that content acquisition resources are being poured into getting licenses to broadcast in foreign countries at the expense of the US.

Just like eBay, a giant has stumbled. No, it won't put them down, but the market is prime for a nimble upstart. If NF loses 100K $10/month customers, that is about a 3% decrease in annual net profit before the price increase. The increase should also stop US growth dead in its tracks. Time will tell if the 800K Canadians Hastings has wooed to date will still be keeping him warm and cozy at night when their discounts are yanked.

New customers are fickle. Devastating the loyal base, the core customers, is not a smart move. eBay has yet to recover from the tarnish to its image. What used to be the wonder of the virtual world is now just a tired plodding flat mature dinosaur in a world of furry little e-mammals. I think Netflix is looking to join them in the tar pit.

Time will tell if the angry roaming flash mob mentality spreads.


One thing this does is it segregates the revenue stream so that the studios can't include the DVD revenue when they salivate at the profits Netflix is making and decide how much of a piece they want.

I think because of the way studios are acting, DVD's are not going to go away for awhile. Streaming does not replace the local video store, the movies are not first run. In order to do that you need DVDs or you are going to pay a streaming premium from places like Amazon. Agreed each segment has worthy competitors, and depending on your usage, it may be better to go elsewhere. Netflix does lose what was awesome advantage.

I think DVD and streaming go together though, linking streaming with DVDs lowers the amount of DVDs people would use. This lowers Netflix DVD costs.

I will probably look around, switch back and forth between streaming and DVD options, there might be other companies to go to, and during the TV season, I may just use my antenna and free Hulu. I liked Netflxi for its HBO, Showtime and AMC type shows, plus I streamed great shows that I had missed. I haven't watched a movie in a while, but may use Redbox on occasion now during a period where I am not using Netflix at all. I don't know. All I know is my brand loyalty to Netflix is diminished.

Account Deleted

So my $9.99 a month plan basically just went up to almost $16... sure it may be a great deal if you watch a TON of streaming... but what about the people who watch one dvd at a time... and maybe 2-3 streaming videos a month? I think the change was uncalled for... people can say netflix has the "best deal around" but with this price update I can't justify it... not to mention I'm already an Amazon Prime subscriber... never tried their streaming before but I hope it works well as Netflix is being cancelled at the end of this billing cycle...


Well I only have about a dozen DVDs left in my queue, so I will probably run them out and then switch to streaming only. At first I was upset, then I realized as is I have a DVD at home for over a month still in the envelope so I obviously won't be missing it as much as I think I am.

Shaon Williams

I am very likely to go with streaming only and redbox for my DVD / Blu-Ray. No matter how I look at it the price hike is to ridiculously high to justify the cost...I think... I still have some calculations to do, but at 9.99 for one out at a time? Not sure I can justify the cost.


Shaon, it is $2.50 a viewing if you watch at least 1 a week, you may be able to get 2 out of them bringing a rental to less.

Still good deal when you can get HBO, and Showtime shows with two or three episodes. That is how I watched Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy too. Streaming any of them is normally much more expensive.

We were spoiled by Netflix to a degree. Not anymore, but we do need to put everything in perspective. The thing is Netflix used to be a no brainer. Now the other choices might be better. Other companies may see an opening to offer other options too. I think I will cancel Netflix altogether in the fall.


Relatively speaking, the price hike is peanuts when you think about it...we probably spend more at Starbucks on a grande whatever. What bugs me is that, for the most part, the steaming content is still limited, the delay on new releases, those lame Rental Only disks. So, for this price hike, we're getting what...?

I had a feeling something like this would happen when Blockbuster/Hollywood video folded (or at least scaled back). I wonder if they're rethinking the closures of their brick/mortar stores?

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