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I saw a lot of folks on Twitter saying otherwise. I was all set to watch Torchwood on the Live Starz channel but it wouldn't work; I could stream anything else from Netflix, but Starz wouldn't connect when it had previously. Really disappointing.


We weren't able to get in at 10 pm, so I almost gave up, but tried again on a whim at 10:15 and was able to see it. (Although I didn't stick around long for fear of spoilers!) So we came back at 11 pm to watch the rebroadcast and saw it with no problems.


The true test is if Torchwood: Miracle Day airs the second episode this coming Friday at 10 pm. I watched it Friday from Starz Live off my Internet Explorer 9 Windows Media Player 11. Since Starz also includes the first episode for everyone to view off their website as a teaser to get individuals to buy into Starz network channel, could be a reason to let individuals stream from Netflix Starz Live. We will see if Episode two (2) is also available from Netflix Starz Live this coming Friday.

Matthew Sweeney00

"The current feature is unavailable."

It was streaming The Bourne Identity fine a couple of hours ago.

Matthew Sweeney00

Working now.


@Matthew -- Netflix Starz Live will block any Sony films example "Salt".

Matthew Sweeney00

That explains it. The movie was The Social Network. Thanks, Lynne!

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