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Gold...Pure Gold. Hopefully this type of display will make people finally stop whining about an increase in the price of what is still a discount luxury. I am losing faith in the spoiled unappreciative existence we have become. I am even writing this from my couch while some poor peasants are limited by wires to their old tower PC's. Imagine that.



M. Hale

The Human Fund!!!!

Anthony Hayes

I love the way it ends. lol. So true.


I don't think it's funny at all.


It's expendable income. Either you drive around looking for Red Boxes, or you pay for the convenience of an entire site's worth of movies. What it costs isn't up to you, because you'll pay anything. It's why you go to a bar or restaurant and pay more for a beer than it'd cost at a gas station.

Robert Emmerich

That was funny, tears were literally running down my face around the part with "Pier One throw pillows".

That said, this is one very funny view point. Another viewpoint is, Netflix split their 1 service into 2 and raised their prices 60% for the same service, so they deserve the criticism.

It's like when a home contractor gives you a $20,000 price for siding, and when you ask about gutters he says you are "nickel and diming" him. Same with car salespeople. The people who are always trying to take the most money FROM us are the first to complain when you ask to keep a little bit of it for yourself. Do what you are told otherwise you are a "crybaby". (Sorry for the tirade, debt crisis overload.)

Kory K

@Goldfyngor & MattChance
Technically, so is television, internet, branded food, bottled water, air conditioning, your wireless laptop, along with other countless things, but the majority of Americans use them, therefore they've become somewhat of a given.

Although I doubt your attitude would stay in tact if the cost of television rose 60% for the lowest "luxury" service, or if it rose 60% for a 1.5Mb connection for internet. Given by both your logic, Netflix could raise their prices again in 3 months another 20-60% and this would be a-okay with you.

Unfortunately, you guys are what's wrong with America. You're willing to bend over and take it from anyone without so much as a whimper. The fortunate part is the majority of American doesn't do that, but you're the people American Business tries to take advantage of because you allow it to happen.

I will not be allowed to be taken advantage of because they currently have no equivalent competition. If you guys are happy too, by all means, empty your pockets for American business. Even the ridiculously rich don't waste their money on things they don't think are worth it. That's how they stay rich.

Daniel Trogdon

So, Kory K, at what price point will you stop buying gasoline? There is no real competitor to gas so how much are you willing to bend over and take it from the oil companies? Or is it OK to bend over when it's a necessity?

Netflix is a luxury service, moreso than any of the things you listed. If Netflix wants to raise their prices every three months that's fine with me. It would eventually reach the point where I didn't think it would be worth it and I'd cancel.

Everyone loves to throw out the 60% figure, like it went up from $50 to $80. But we're talking $6 a month or 20 cents a day. If you can't afford that then Netflix isn't something you should be spending your money on anyhow.


"Although I doubt your attitude would stay in tact if the cost of television rose 60% for the lowest "luxury" service, or if it rose 60% for a 1.5Mb connection for internet. Given by both your logic, Netflix could raise their prices again in 3 months another 20-60% and this would be a-okay with you."

First off, when I started with Netflix in 2001, 3 discs with no streaming was $20 per month. So, today, for the same service I got 10 years ago, I actually would pay $4 LESS, or 20% less than what I paid, while postal rates have INCREASED 33%.

Second, when I stared with Netflix 10 years ago, my "basic" cable was $35 per month. Now, its over $70 (a 100% price increase.

The difference is, both of these rates go up OVER TIME, whereas Netflix raised them all at once. Yes, it sucks, but costs go up. What I think is sad is that Netflix is betting the farm on streaming, and the fees that rightholders demand for content will continue to go up, while the cost to get physical media will almost certainly stay the same, or perhaps even go down. Cost to DELIVER said media will continue to go up, because gas prices have gone from around $1 to at least $3.50 (a 250% increase).


@Kory K - Actually you're the problem with America, you apparently can't understand something that's very simple, which is that people are staying with Netflix because they realize that it's still worth it, even with the increase. Netflix is *not* a monopoly, everything is available elsewhere, so you're wrong again. Your last sentence says "Even the ridiculously rich don't waste their money on things they don't think are worth it. That's how they stay rich." That's exactly it - Netflix is still worth it to most customers, even with the price increase. If you don't think so, cancel and stop whining.


...BTW, the video is hilarious, making fun of all the idiots who think it's a disaster or that they're victims. As for the end - it is true, people who download illegally are always looking for someone else to blame so they can rationalize it.

Art Artistry

The point I felt like this video was trying to make is regardless of what your feelings on the price increase are or your action taken because of it, it's the smallest of small deals. People are so pissed about it, just walk away. If it's not a good deal CANCEL YOUR SERVICE.

Reed Hastins stated a few years ago that Americans were self absorbed and disconnected. Wow was he right or what. I bet all of you same complainers now complained then. Self fulfilling prophecy much?

I've heard people say all sorts of ridiculous things about this increase and what netflix is "doing to them". Netflix is making you do one thing, that they have made you do EVERY SINGLE MONTH that you have been a member. You have to decide if their service is worth the cost.

I'm also tired of hearing 60% increase. That is totally an overdramatization. My taco is 60% more expensive, my car insurance is 60% more expensive, gas is 60% more expensive. That sounds like a lot no matter what it is. And honestly when you look at their pricing structure anyway, streaming alone is 7.99, add 1 dvd 2 dollars more? That doesn't even make sense. They can't base their pricing off of the guy who rents 1-3 dvds a month. There are people getting 6-8 EVERY month.

7.99 is a quality value for both services seperately. My aunt tried to tell me that she could get all those same services on demand for nothing. "For nothing" costs her $200 per month. Her response was, "well I have to have cable." If your cable costs more then $60 a month you should be pissed at your cable company if you can't get everything you want. My friends say, "netflix has no new releases." Where do you get your new releases for 7.99 friend?

Your right to protest involves cancelling your service, and taking your money elsewhere. Anything above that is just plain stupidity. This price tsunami isn't destroying your home, and it had a 2 month warning sign on it.

Mike Ekholm

Netflix and itunes had one thing in common. They offered digital media at an affordable price where the effort to illegally download an album was less attractive than the price to download a song on itunes or get a dvd on netflix.
the music business still has this figured out, when people think of a music title - they want it right away. from apple, or several other music stores they can get that title right away for a decent price. streaming music is $36/year (pandora).

Netflix has continued to screw with peoples accounts, and the pricing - increasing the price for getting the same content. Yes - this is because of the content providers, and the providers want to continue to sell DVDs/blurays. the thing they can not get through there thick skulls is to look at what the music business did. if you do not overcharge and get greedy with the digital business, people will get content online AND get content from the stores - instead of everyone being pissed at you and getting the content from illegal channels because of cost being higher, and it therefore being worth getting it from other places.


@Daniel Trogdon and Art Artistry, you are exactly right. People keep throwing around that 60% figure like it was an absolute when in reality it was the extreme maximum. I think some of the people here aren't Netflix subscribers and are making comments based solely on news stories they've read. My bill for 3 DVDs at a time with streaming would have increased 20%. It wasn't worth it to me, so I exercised my right as a consumer and dropped streaming. Now my bill DROPPED by 20%. I didn't have that option before Netflix separating their DVD and streaming services.

Smy Lee

I love the people who feel the need to justify financial gain by any means. It really bolsters my lack of faith in humankind.


Daniel Trogdon

"I love the people who feel the need to justify financial gain by any means."

Netflix is under no obligation to provide their service at a price that suits you personally. No one is making you or anyone else pay for Netflix. If you don't want to contribute to Netflix's financial gain, don't give them your money. I find the cost reasonable and will give them my money.

Daniel Trogdon

Before Netflix, I used to seen in the theater about 100 movies per year and rent the same number. If I still did that today, I would spend AT LEAST $1050. With Netflix, I'm paying about 40% of that.

So Netflix has saved me a lot of money these past ten years. The financial gain is MINE.

Daniel Trogdon

"see in the theater"

I hate making mistakes like that.


so...does this mean we all should cancel netflix for good ?


"I love the people who feel the need to justify financial gain by any means. It really bolsters my lack of faith in humankind."

I love it when people make broad, uneducated statements like this, as it really bolsters my lack of faith in humankind. Seriously, go do some research, and if you want to be mad at someone for financial gain, perhaps you should be looking at the reasons Netflix had to raise prices in the first place. Studios, USPS, etc. And, if you REALLY want to blame someone, why not pick apart the studios and find out just exactly who is gaining from additional revenue there. And, if you want to blame the Postal Service, then look at what part of their costs went up the most (gas).

Being angry because a company raised prices is fine, but failing to look at the reasons why they had to while making statements like Netflix is greedy is not. If they are making over 50% profits and paying their executives hundreds of millions of dollars, then MAYBE the time is right to direct that anger at Netflix.


I have to say weather its affordable or not is what im looking at right now.

I'm looking at it from a strategic POV and from that point of view I don't see netflix as being a good investment any longer.

Aaron Sharpsteen

This is hilarious.


Daniel Trogdon

You make good points why Netflix is still a good value.

However, as being the tightwad I am, I dont want them to think they can eventually charge $39-49 a month for 3 at a time plus streaming because it simply isnt worth that.

But, Im a single guy. Im sure to a family its worth more than it is to me.

Blockbuster grew like mad and they charged what the market would bear and it was ultimately their downfall when NF came along.

Netflix is the new blockbuster. Are they going to repeat BBs mistakes ?

Smy Lee

Apparently the subtle jab of an overreaction to another overreaction was a bit too subtle.

However, I still stand by the main sentiment conveyed: they raised rates on myself and others a few mere weeks ago and have yet again raised rates, an astonishing 60% for some packages. There really was no justification given (I'm quite aware of the current licensing wars, thanks), but since they recently announced expanding into other geographical markets it is easy to reason out they are funding the licensing for these new markets with raising the rates in their existing markets.

There is zero added value directly related to this increase and no reason given beyond 'we think we were giving too good a deal'. Yes, if I don't like it, cancel, yadda yadda. I will be going to DVD only (and tracking Red Box expenses to compare), so as to put my money where my mouth is. However I won't stop complaining about it, because I'm not some lemming willing to let things just happen and do nothing.

Choose to bitch about my bitching all you want, but blindly accepting higher prices, reduction of features, and restriction of public communication all you want. I refuse to cow to fan-boys, PR plants, or just plain forum trolls. Not making a peep gives them free reign to keep raising rates with little to no benefits and then we'll end up with just another cable or satellite service in terms of rates.

Edward R Murrow

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

Netflix will lose customers on the margin, but they've made a decision that will net out to be a big win to their bottom line.


MattChance: I don't drink beer, but I bet a grocery store is far cheaper than a gas station (both being much cheaper than a bar). That is definitely true for soda (esp if you stock up when it's on sale).

Kory K: Bottled water is not only a luxury, but also a stupid purchase. The almost free water out of the tap is the same as what you're paying a lot of money to put in plastic bottles (wasteful) and truck here (wasteful). Yes, virtually all bottled water is someone else's tap water. (Even the ones that aren't aren't any safer than your tap water.)

Christian Ford

Honestly my largest complaint is a price hike for the same ole' same ole'? Common, at least fix SOME of the complaints people have and pretend to make us think were getting something better for the buck.

The reason why netflix added the streaming as basically a 2.00 add on to the disk service, is simply because it's not really worth much on it's own.

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