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How in the hell does that stat make sense? I mean.. how is one 20% and the other is 30%? They both use Redbox AND Netflix so you'd think the stat would be exactly the same.


20% of 20 million NetFlix customers would be 4 million. That same 4 million must represent 30% of RedB0x's customers (corresponding to RedBox having 12 million customers). I suppose it's mildly interesting - such nice round percentages.

I'm all for RedBox turning up the competition. NetFlix needs more competition. At this point RedBox is probably a more economical deal than NetFlix's 1-out plan (1 disks a week for $4 instead of $7.99). If only their selection was better.


So how exactly are they rolling out the welcome mat? Just saying that you're rolling out the welcome mat in not rolling out the welcome mat.

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