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Brandon Barkley

Initially I was just going to cut back, but after discussing the financial savings with my wife, we have decided to just cut it out completely for a while. I think between Redbox, Blockbuster (there is a surviving one not far out of my commute with a big banner advertising 99 cent per night movies), and um... less savory means, I think I can cover the gap without a problem.

Russell Brazil

After I finish up a few things on my DVD Queue like Breaking Bad Season 3....we are certainly dropping the DVD portion. We will likely go streaming only...but we are also considering giving Amazon Prime a chance in lieu of Netflix Streaming. It is slightly cheaper, and has just as many shows that we watch as Netflix has. I mean Netflix has a much larger category, but most of it is stuff we really dont watch.


I've had nothing but great experiences ever since I've been with the service. I'm willing to pay a premium for quality service. Movie theaters, Blockbuster, and cable companies have never given me the level of service that Netflix has. Thus, I will choose Netflix, despite the measly extra 8 bucks a month.

Brian Whipple

I'll stick with the same plan (streaming and one disc with Blu-ray access). I first got Netflix back in 2000 and I'm too hooked on it to change my plan over the price increase.


I quit. There really isn't another way to register your disappointment with Netflix decisions and this decision was the last straw. Back to Redbox and the internet for me. I would like to switch to Amazon Prime for streaming, but they don't have any mobile or console clients (although the ability to stream via Flash instead of Silverlight is awesome). As for Hulu, I've got that covered with Playon.


I've been using Netflix nearly since it started, all the way back to 1999. I've had the 4 out DVD plan all along, and in previous price increases, they've grandfathered me in or gave me a break on the increase, presumably since I'm a long term customer. So I currently have 4 DVDs and streaming for $19.99. Now that's going to go to $29.98. This is sort of a turning point for me, the first time they've screwed me over, and I feel really betrayed. At a minimum, we're going to reduce the DVDs out to try to keep the cost closer to what we currently pay.

But I do not find streaming-only to be very compelling. What nobody ever talks about with streaming is the sound; I've got this thing called a home theater and sound is more than half the experience. The sound on streamed movies takes me back to the early 90s when I hooked my VCR up to my 2 speaker stereo system. That was cool then; today, not so much. It might be passable for episodes of a TV show, but BladeRunner or Lord of the Rings? Gag me.


After a lot of shopping, I've happily landed on a solution which ended up being a little different than I first thought I'd do. As a subscriber to both Netflix (1DVD out + streaming) and Gamefly (2 Games), I decided that I will cancel my Netflix DVD plan and go streaming only. I live in an area with slow internet and Netflix is the only one that streams properly. I also have decided to cancel my Gamefly account. I've switched to Blockbuster and even with the 3-out plan it's still cheaper than Gamefly's 2 disc plan alone, it includes both DVDs, games and bluray, and I can exchange my DVDs at the store. I ended up saving money in the long run.


To me, Netflix is a great deal. Granted right now I have streaming only, but even with both a dvd and streaming for $16. I think it's a bargain. You don't have to sign up for a higher tier of cable just to have a pay channel, it's the same price as HBO but you get first run movies on dvd much faster than HBO, plus you get the movies that are also on Stars channel and so many great choices on streaming. For my entertainment dollar it's a winner. Some may leave but I bet they come BACK! They are just acting like children. But to each their own. I guess they have no clue how business works and don't realize companies need to make a profit and need money to get better and better viewing choices. Just sayin.



I think that depends on what you use to stream. With my apple TV, I get HD and 5.1 audio with the HD stuff on netflix.


@JasonAnderson9, we stream on an Xbox 360. We also have a HD Tivo Series 3 that has Netflix. Both connect to the receiver via HDMI. For both, my receiver does not show that a 5.1 audio signal is coming through. We've watched HD streams and regular streams, its all the same crappy sound. Am I missing something (I hope)?


While you can substitute Redbox for the Netflix DVD service, there is no direct replacement for Netflix streaming service. All the alternatives are second best. Come Sept. 1, I'll be ditching the DVD service and going streaming only. Good choice considering I've had the same DVD for three weeks.

Amazon Prime Streaming seems a likely replacement for streaming if they improve their offerings.

Kayla Aurit

Since our entire family uses netflix, we're just going to downsize our plan to one disk less, from 4 to 3, to bring the price back to where it was when we first signed up.


@JasonAnderson9, called up Netflix. Only a small subset of devices, including Apple TV & PS3, support 5.1 for streaming. He was not even sure that the new Roku supports it, but I'm going to check it out. If I can just pick up a Roku and get 5.1, I'm down for that.

John Berry

I'm keeping my streaming package for now. I just realized that the movie catalog has slowed down and I'm getting really tired of movie re-runs from netflix. I'm starting to look around and so far blockbuster and redbox is my next run around for great movie deals. If amazon increases their movie selections any time soon well then so long netflix and Hello Amazon.


I'm keeping the same plan - one at a time DVD plus streaming. Yes, that puts me in the group with the highest price increase and that sucks and I'm not happy about it. But, I'm not mad enough about it to stop the service. I need my DVD and my streaming, and because of selection, there is no comparison for me for either service anywhere else (I watch a variety of films including foreign, indie, classic, etc.), and I like their website, recommendations, keeping my list of rated movies, etc. I am hoping they'll give in and offer a combined plan rate of say $13 or so eventually.


I'm keeping netflix as it is. I'm keeping my plan the way it is and am willingly paying the $6 price increase. Yea, it sucks.

Going back to cable will cost me $38 a month for the basic package. That's still without HBO, showtime and starz.

Blockbuster doesn't offer separate lists under the same account. A feature I love about netflix-kids get their own list, hubby and I get our own and we get to keep our tv list separate from our movie list.

Blockbuster and amazon prime don't stream on the Wii-something netflix does.

Blockbuster has always taken 3-5 business days from the time I return a movie before I get a new one back-netflix still has a 1-3 day turnaround.

While I do use redbox every so often, they do not have tv shows. When I have a hunkering for an old 80's movie, once again netflix has it.

Hulu for some reason is sketchy on my computer (though amazon prime and netflix work great) and doesn't stream on the wii very well at all.

While I think Netflix could have handled it better ($3 now, $3 more in 6 months for instance) they are still WAY cheaper than a couple movie tickets and cable.


Forgot to mention..while I have blockbuster to rent games through, the instore option isn't worth it for me. Never tried it, never will as the closest blockbuster to me is 42 miles ONE WAY.


I will definitely downgrade the number of discs I am getting from NFLX. I have never had cable and don't plan to start now. My streaming is flakey - not sure if it is my BluRay player, my ISP, NFLX or what - and not reliable enough to be the sole source of movies/TV. Plus, there is the selection issue. So, I will stick with discs. But I am starting to use streaming more when flakiness won't matter (often when I have a pile of NFLX physical discs laying around ironically enough).


I'm paying a couple bucks a month more to get 4 dvds instead of 3.

As for the people quitting, go into the dustbin of history!


Most people will get over it and keep paying because they are too lazy to actually go to a Redbox machine and rent a movie.

Also, if you switch to streaming only, you are playing the game Netflix wants you to. They want you to drop DVDs to save them money.

If we all sign up for the DVD only plan, and no one signs up for streaming, I think that would send a message that the customers are not happy.


I don't want to pay for the full increase, and while streaming is nice, my personal preference is to watch the newer movies released on disc.

Since there is a Blockbuster less than 10 minutes from my home, I will try out their plan on 9/1 and see how that goes with unlimited mail/swaps at the store. I do like the fact that they don't have to wait 30 days for newer movies. If the service is no good, I will come back just for the discs.


I am going to quit for the fall TV season at least and see how it goes from there. I actually am going to start getting busy, so I won't have a need for anything to watch. I probably would have kept the account open just to have something occasionaly, but now will not. Combined the plans were excellent value, separated there are other alternatives, and I will look at those when I have more time to watch something.

What I could do is switch back and forth between the two. The streaming doesn't have the new releases of many shows I like, so I will go to DVD only for some months, and then I could go to streaming other months, especially with Netflix getting shows like Mad Men.

I don't have cable, so I like Netflix getting Mad Men, but most people have cable, so I can't see it being worth what they paid for it. It is good for me though.


I plan to do nothing. Now that DVD rental and streaming prices are unbundled, as inevitably they had to be, I see a REDUCTION in my monthly subscription price for Netflix service, as I am a "heavy" rental user.

People don't seem to realize that unbundling the pricing of the two services (DVD rental and Streaming) reduces the subsidies between the two services. Thus "light" users of DVD services prices go up, while "heavy" users of DVD services prices go down.

I'm sure Netflix has considered the price elasticity (how sensitive users are to price changes up or down), and probably expects the average profit per Netflix customer to at least remain constant after the unbundling of the two services.

Of course Netflix marketing isn't going to use this "economics speak" to communicate with users, so they go on about under-estimating DVD rental demand, or something like that.

Pat Billone

I'll be sticking with streaming but dropping dvd's. My wife and I get to watch 1 dvd per month for the most part. It will be cheaper doing Redbox or renting from my cable company for $4 per movie than pay $8 every month. Hopefully netflix will introduce a pay by rent service so we only get charged a 3 or 4 dollar fee when we have a movie sent out.


When Sept comes, I will switch from 3+streaming to 4 with NO streaming. The following month, I will go to 2+ streaming.

My plan is to swap back & forth between the 2. My overall cost for a year will increase a modest 5%. But, I will only have streaming every other month.

Like others, I was PISSED. When I calmed down and thought about it, netflix still has the best value for me.

The Kiosks would have gotten my business IF I drove by one everyday like many people.
I work from home and I end up making too many 4 mile round trips to rent or return a disc. Its worth a little more for it to come in my mailbox. I save in gas & wear & tear.

Hulu to me is no competition. Im NOT paying to watch commercials.

Amazon is not worth it and its a yearly commitment.

I expect every other month when I dont have netflix streaming I will watch Crackle another free one.


Pat Billone

NF has this which might suit you.

1 DVD out at-a-time
(limit 2 rentals a month: $4.99


That number is lower than I expected based on the count I came up with from various posts, comments etc of customers saying they'd cancel. Which means they like me have decided on a different plan to go with to retain the value of their dollars. For me as long as my cost per movie average is less than $1 I will continue to subscribe. But as soon as there is quality competition that offers the same for less then I'll switch to the competition.


I'll keep the $16 plan until either the online selection improves or until I can no longer afford the $6 increase. But they just better not pull this stunt next year without providing something that actually makes it worth the increase.

If Hulu weren't such a terrible website, I'd jump ship with Netflix...hopefully better competition will come along or Blockbuster will get itself in shape because Netflix needs competition to keep them from further jacking up the prices like they just did.


I haven't made a firm commitment either way yet, but I'm definitely leaning towards dropping Netflix (after being a member since 2003, it feels like a divorce).

I already have cable with all the premium channels. I'm finding that VOD is a good replacement for Netflix streaming (especially starz on demand), and Hulu fills in the gaps that Netflix never did.

I'll miss the DVDs, but right now it's an extra I can do without.


@RJM35126 I do something like that, to lower the average costs. I put my account on hold for a month (or more) at a time, depending on if it's a month I even have time to watch a lot of movies. My Netflix account has been on hold since February this time.

I also work at home, and having to make an extra trip just to pick up or return a DVD isn't worth it for me. Mail isn't all that much more convenient for me, since I live in a rural area and only check the mailbox 1-2 times a week.


I will keep the streaming (the reason I joined just 7 weeks ago) and drop their disc plan. I get the sense they didn't really care about disk customers anyway. I'll get my Blu-ray and DVDs from Blockbuster by Mail as I have for the past 5 years. My grandfathered costs for 3 Blu-ray discs at a time is identical to Netflix, and I get the sense that Blockbuster values my business.

Even for new customers, if you want Blu-ray, it is $2.00 more per month for 1 disc out. One additional value you get from Blockbuster is that they get new releases 28 days earlier than Netflix or Redbox. Also, I find their web site easier to navigate, but that could just be familiarity.


I will continue having discs and streaming to get as big a selection as I can. A lot of TV show catalogs for streaming are incomplete. I also have Amazon Prime, mainly for the great bargain and convenience of its shipping; so far I hardly use it for streaming. I used a Redbox one time and there is no way I would trade in Netflixing for driving back and forth to a kiosk; that's why I stopped using stores. I'll go to the library to get discs $1-a-week before I do that.


I'm on the monthly 4 DVD/blu-ray + unlimited streaming plan and even after the price increase I'll still spend less than going to the theater for a single movie (including concessions)! Allow me to reiterate, I still spend less than going to the theater FOR A SINGLE MOVIE (per month)! I will not bail on NF.


I was already in the process of paring down my dvd queue, intending to go mostly streaming anyway. When the dvd queue is empty, I plan to go to 1 at a time with unlimited streaming.

Rob Fagen

@MrEks: I totally sympathize with feeling like they've screwed you for the first time after twelve years of making you feel special. However, if you look at inflation over those twelve years (http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/) you'll see that your original $19.99 payment is now equivalent to a $27.08 payment today.

I know you're disappointed in streaming's audio quality, but do you think that the streaming catalog for stuff where audio isn't as important (TV series, etc) is worth $2.90 per month? Alternatively, would you think that the service in general has improved by about 10% or is delivering 10% more value over the last twelve years? For example, recommendations, delivery times, catalog depth, etc.?



Brandon Barkley

I cancelled this morning. Saying that it is childish to do so is a bit of an over generalization. I am just voting with what counts, my dollar.

That said, I was in a potential position to cancel for a while anyway as I am too busy to really keep up with the DVDs (I got a whopping one the entire month of July), and it will only get worse once the Fall TV season gets going in a few weeks.

Also, I have $50 in credit for this site called CinemaNow that I got with my Blu-Ray player. That will get me through 10 movies.

Maybe after that starts running dry, I will hit Netflix up again though I am considering asking my father-in-law to just add an extra disc to his plan that I could pay for.


@Rob Fagen, actually, although I can't remember exactly (if I were home I'd look it up in Quicken), I seem to remember the monthly cost in 1999 for 4 out as around $14, so the inflation-adjusted cost comes to $18.97 today, per your site.

Do I think that streaming + service improvements are worth $11.01 more per month? Delivery times for me are about the same as they were in 1999. I don't use recommendations. Although it has increased tremendously, my perception of the catalog is the same as it was in 1999: I can get just about anything that I want. Maybe today the difference is that Netflix has more of what I don't want, but that isn't a benefit to me. Clearly though, the service has improved over time and I benefit from it, but how much that's worth is up for debate.

I gues we can have philosophical debates about that whether the inflation-adjusted value of the service is actually a good deal after all, and what am I complaining about? But meanwhile, I'm living in the real world where my wages (I'm lucky to have a job, unlike many) haven't increased in 5 years, property, sales and income taxes have risen steeply, and the cost of everything from gas to groceries are following suit. Netflix is now increasing my cost for the same service by 50%. It's a lot more money coming out of my pocket, black and white, dollars and cents. I can't tell Quicken that I'm really getting a good inflation-adjusted deal. We'll just have to reduce our usage to try to bring the price close to what we now pay. That's a clear-cut loss of value to me, as I'll then be getting less than I used to get for about the same cost.

George Machen

You know, after all is said & done, this streaming-only customer finds that, notwithstanding the limited streaming catalog, "There's Always Something On, On Netflix!"

(I *do* wish they'd put the money they're investing into producing future exclusive content into getting more old great TV shows, such as Route 66, 77 Sunset Strip, Hennessy, Then Came Bronson - instead!)


You are quite the little brat. It is obviously you should go back to watching Netflix instead of trying to thump Netflix's public image in this forum.

You "seem to remember" paying $14/mo for 4out 12 years ago. Well, 4out today is $24/mo. This doesn't seem to out of line compared to the price increases for many other things.

Go buy a couple beverages and sit back and watch a nice movie. Hell, maybe downgrade to the 2out plan pay when you did 3 decades ago.


Dropping DVD plan for streaming only. can get any dvds I want to see at BB, Redbox or local library all within 2 miles of my house.

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