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Shaon Williams

I am going from 2+BluRay to streaming only with redbox and the internet as my alternative.




the almighty GREED took over


Netflix made good money on my subscription thanks to my very slow turn around of DVDs. Now they will make less money because I switched to streaming only, primarily to watch the original Star Trek series on my iPad. When I'm done with that I'm probably totally done with Netflix. Greed Hastings are you listening? It was a good partnership for years, you and me, but now it's almost over. Thanks for the memories. Don't let Wall Street hit you in the backside.


My current plan at Netflix is 4 out + streaming. There is no 4 out without streaming, but the increase is only $2 over my current 27.99 plan. No big deal.

Noor Almtowaq

i just wish iw was good i hate expire thing


I will permanently quit all business with Netflix.


There is indeed 4 out without streaming. It's 21.99

David Hess

I don't get why so many people are dropping discs to go to streaming only. I'm the other way around. Of 166 items in my queue, only 24 are available on streaming -- under 15%. The main benefit of Netflix over Redbox for me is that Netflix has almost everything I want to watch on DVD/Blu-Ray. Not so at all for streaming.

Now: 1 disc + streaming.
Swicthing to: 3 discs, no streaming (and ditching cable)

David Hess

Not to mention the quality issue for streaming vs. Blu-Ray.

Of course, I rarely watch more than 1 movie or a couple of TV shows in an evening. Perhaps if I watched more (and so burned through a couple discs a night), I'd sing a different tune.

Rick Spies

I continue to plan to drop Netflix entirely on August 31st, just as I told the very nice Netflix CSR the day before the formal announcement.

Voting with my wallet is my only other way to express my high dissatisfaction.

If streaming wasn't 95% worse-than-B-movies and TV show reruns, I'd consider staying.

Brett Johnson

I moved all of the Blu-Rays to the top of my Queue and have been turning them around as quickly as possible. I'm going to switch from 3-out (w/Blu-Ray) to just 2-out (without Blu-Ray). That way I'm putting less money in their pocket but sticking with what I believe is still the best option out there.


I am dropping Netflix. I love(d) Netflix, been a member since 2004, but the love affair is over.

Streaming isn't all that to me personally, and the little bit I do watch, I can watch for free with Amazon Prime.

I have a Redbox across the street (literally) from my home.

Goodbye, Netflix.

Smy Lee

I'm sticking with 3DVDs out, but I'm completely dropping streaming. Until then, I'll be weighing how much I would actually spend just using RedBox instead. I think, with has few movies coming out that I want to see, RedBox might end up be the cheaper option.

Laddy Boy

Already dropped streaming as the video quality and sound is horrible since the ISP put on 4Mbit bandwidth limits which means we only get 1.5 - 2Mbits in reality and often much less. As the new movie queue is pretty sparse, we may terminate or suspend everything indefinitely. We have lots of Redbox and BB Express kiosks available as well as Amazon streaming which also sucks quality-wise for us.

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