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Tom Husband

Looks good. The difference now, though, is you have buy the XS at $99 to get Ethernet where before you could get Ethernet on the XD for $79.

The games look cool.


So much better than the AppleTV2, BoxeeBox.
Roku is definitely becoming bigger and bigger!


The big question over at the Roku Blog seems to be around supporting the older models. I'd like to know that as well because right now I don't see a huge need for me to go buy a new one.

The one thing that would get me to buy a new one would be if they had a more robust feature set for playing local media. I'm using a WD HD TV right now and while it supports quite a few formats, I have more issues with it than I do with my Roku player. I was happy when they got Netflix support and considered upgrading for that reason but have only heard bad things about that. If Roku could make the simple Netflix+LocalMedia player, I'd upgrade in a hurry.

James Heartney

So will older Roku owners get the subtitles feature, or do you have to buy the new hardware?

I can play Angry Birds on my desktop machine, on my iPad or iPhone, so frankly having it on the Roku isn't all that compelling to me. But I'd bought my Roku with the idea that it would eventually support subtitles. Am I about to be screwed on that?


Until Roku can play from NAS it isn't in the same league as BoxeeBox. BoxeeBox it is for me!


I have the same question as James- Can I get netflix captions now through my Roku XS box that I bought 2 months ago?? I really dont want to pay for an upgrade to a Roku 2 just for this feature. Does anyone have any details about this?

Noor Almtowaq

The big question we are looking for in the new roku 2. One big question i looking is "WILL BE STILL HAVE OFF AND ON SEARCH FEATURE BECAUSE I GOT LITTLE SISTER I DONT HER TO SEE R RATED MOVIES OR SEARCH MOVIES. ( reply for answer)
we got getting a new upgrade youtube app i hope it will crackle, other free movies and rental. So roku will come with 4.0 firmwire end of july will old model get it.


I was planning on getting a Roku but now with NF's price increase, I'll be going with a 2-out DVD only plan. So... no use for one now!

Noor Almtowaq

3.0 update is really great


It's nice that the device supports 1080p, but which content providers are serving up true HD content or really planning to in the foreseeable future?

I suspect the data would have to be compressed so aggressively that the result would still be disappointing.

Also, I'm guessing the studios would charge content providers higher licensing fees for HD content--further driving up consumer costs.

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