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Valmond LeBlanc

Mad Men has been available for steaming for months in Canada.


I've been waiting since the early early rumors!


According to Instant Watcher this is not in HD? Why would Netflix cut a deal in 2011 for the show but not in HD? I don't get that

Steve Wille

Why would you complain about something without checking the actual source? It says right on the Netflix page that it is streaming in HD for your TV.


I watched a couple of episodes of the series and found it boring and dry. I will give it another chance and see if I like it.


It's a soap for those that remember/appreciate the culture of the 60s. It's very well produced/acted, but if you go into it with any more of an expectation than that, you will very possibly be disappointed.


I like the show, and it might keep me signed up for streaming for an month, but I don't have cable. I wonder how many people will want to watch this because most have cable, and they could have watched it if they wanted. Why is it worth the huge per episode cost.

Each season is only 13 episodes, so it only really helps if this is a pattern, but it would be an expensive pattern.


when i try to put it on instant it say no available ??

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