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Noor Almtowaq

I love Sundance Film Festival. So does this mean we are going to stream some Movies that got award from Sundance Film Festival.

There are some really good movies that sundance play.

What titles


Yup. Keep complaining about the price hike, people! We've gotten Mad Men and Sundance films in the same week. The streaming options are going to keep expanding, but people need to understand that it costs MONEY to do so. Way to go, Netflix. Show the haters! Boom.

Stephan Neidenbach

You mean it is a good idea to widely distribute films that consumers can watch cheaply? What a novel concept, Hollywood should consider it.

While I am using it while it is included, I still don't get the big deal about Netflix steaming. EVERYTHING is available via the DVDs.


You both need to read the whole article. The excerpt is misleading.

* Netflix has not agreed to carry the new Sundance package. It is not free. Sundance wants to sell it to Netflix. I personally will be surprised if Netflix agrees to buy it (but one can hope)

* The big deal about Netflix agreeing to stream the new package, if it happens, is that virtually NONE of these movies will ever be available on DVD.


Cool, more content coming to streaming. Lets hope its in HD.


Films they cant sell, they will sell to netflix since they have been throwing around money for about anything & everything that streams. (Except what many of their customers actually want...which is new releases)

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