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Very tempting but I'll hold out for awhile. I have an older TV with no HDMI amd a bluray player that's netflix ready with component video for the next best thing.


I think I might. I just bought one of the older Rokus a year ago (just before the price went down, and before the newer ones came out), and it works OK but it developed a few more issues when the 3.0 software update came. I have a feeling the new hardware will solve some issues and the older boxes won't be a high priority for them.


i hope they work better than current models...cuz i am so tired of mine freezing up....it just froze up & restarted itself..does it at least once a week, sometimes more...

Roy Watts

Yes, I believe I will.

Nathan Hoover

No I won't buy it because it lacks an optical audio output. What are they thinking? Size-wise the original was fine for me.


No, I won't be buying a Roku 2 to replace my current Roku. The Roku 2 still has local streaming limitations. No built in DLNA/UPNP support and limited video format support.

Instead I will keep my current model and supplement it with something like the WD TV Live Plus for local streaming and Netflix subtitles.


netflix will be going out of buisness soon so save your money

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