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Noor Almtowaq

There was no really to compare it because netflix will always win.


I used to have Blockbuster but when they got rid of unlimited in store returns/rentals I went back to Netflix. Now they've brought unlimited returns back I was almost tempted to return.....until I remembered that it's an empty feature since there isn't an open Blockbuster within 100 miles.


Blockbuster takes TOO LONG to deliver & return. But, they have better availability of new releases.

Netflix throttles me terribly if I dont get it on Monday, Im looking at a month or so wait.

Account Deleted

After discussing it, we have decided that the 17 hours of Internet viewing, plus the savings of $3/mo. makes Netflix the winner. Instead of being able to drive to Blockbuster and get instant gratification from a store, we can get instant gratification from hooking up a laptop to our television and watching a movie that way. The 17 hours should allow us to watch 7 or 8 movies.


If someone's looking for a summary: basically Netflix wins, but they rate Blockbuster on top if what you want is the latest releases as soon as they're available. In other words, pretty much what we all knew. Their conclusion is that having Netflix streaming and Blockbuster disc plan might be the best idea. But they do admit that it depends on what's important to you. Like someone mentioned above, BB is much slower turnaround, but you're more likely to get the latest titles when you want them.

This makes me think of the whole Netflix thing in another way - it's is really more like a cable TV alternative than a DVD rental alternative. It doesn't have the latest movies or premium channel shows, but it's there if you just want to watch something - which it turns out is exactly what I want out of it. I figure it's saved me $50/month or so since I went to "local channels only" cable last year.


Is anyone else tired of seeing these 2 programs compared? CNET needs to come up with something more original.


Once again, it shows that the solution is a combination of companies to supply what you need for the money involved. No one provider is going to work at this point, you need to pick and choose what makes sense from their individual plans. Personally, I like Netflix for disc and TV show streaming and Amazon VOD through the Roku for new releases. Their weekend specials always have decent new releases for $2 or $3.

John Berry

Netflix will always win, but will always have the worst movie selection for streaming.


Pretty good comparison. I went with the split decision. BB for Blu-ray by mail (my turnaround time is exactly the same between Netflix and BB), and Netflix streaming on my Apple TV.


I'm on the 1 disc plan for both services, mostly because it allows me to have an extended queue and gives me access to both libraries. Blockbuster has some stuff on Blu-ray that Netflix doesn't, but their turnaround times (nearly 1 wk at times) are atrocious.

Matthew Sweeney00

kh99--much appreciation for the summary. And I think your cable analogy is apt. It speaks to the way I use streaming as well.


I like BB for the fact they have DVDs that Netflix doesn't have. I'm not talking about just new releases, either.

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